Our photonic laser devices are critical to high growth optical communications and optical sensing markets.

Photonics Applications
Data Communications

Our laser technology enables a number of critical applications across optical communications. High-capacity networks of this type enable cloud services, video-on-demand and IoT markets.

Consumer Healthcare

Our lasers and detectors enable innovative wearable healthcare products for many applications ranging from displaying information, tracking your personal fitness and point-of-care solutions.


Our lasers and detectors enable pioneering automotive applications. We are at the forefront of Light Detection and Ranging (LiDAR) technology being used to sense the proximity of objects and other vehicles for driver safety and self-driving vehicle applications.

Quantum Technology

Our lasers are key to the commercialisation of quantum technology, collaborating with academia, industry and government across several ground-breaking projects shaping the quantum landscape. Our technology will enable critical real-world applications in areas such as LIDAR, consumer technology and data communications.


Our lasers are enabling instrumentation vital for space applications. We have delivered proven solutions in optical sensing and navigation based technology enabling travel to unexplored worlds.


Our lasers are enabling the future of industry as we see the huge growth of Internet of things (IoT) end-user solutions. We are working across a wide variety of applications including materials analysis, AI, robotics and machine intelligence.


Our lasers are enabling many emerging medical applications within diagnostics, therapy, dermatologic, surgical and dental applications.

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