You’re only as strong as your weakest link

This is our Brand Story

Today’s technology companies are innovating faster, reaching further than ever – with astonishing results. But every journey starts with a single step – so make sure it’s a good one.

Sivers Semiconductors lie at the heart of some extraordinary technological achievements and we’re quietly but  justifiably proud of our reputation for quality, reliability, and speed – a reputation that has made us the natural choice for those who wish to maximize the success of their own projects.

Devices, ecosystems – they’re all composed of myriad individual components, all of which have to function perfectly for the whole to perform. Every link in the chain has to be strong – or the chain will break.

Sivers Semiconductors is the strongest link in that chain – proven, cutting edge technology that empowers you to dream bigger, safe in the knowledge that we’ve thought about building the future – today.

Two business areas united in one strong logo


Sivers Wireless RF chip in the middle surrounded by Sivers Photonics laser beams stand for the innovative Sivers Semiconductors in the absolute forefront of cutting edge technology.



Our history began over 70 years ago with an engineer who believed in microwave and millimeter wave technology.

Today, Sivers Semiconductors
AB is a leading innovator and supplier of millimeter-wave semiconductor and antenna technology and optical semiconductors.

At the end of 2020, Sivers IMA changed its name to Sivers Semiconductors, a name that more clearly represents the area in which the Group operates. The subsidiaries changed their names to Sivers Wireless (formerly Sivers IMA AB) and Sivers Photonics (formerly CST Global) to better reflect their respective markets.




The name change was part of a larger marketing and branding project that we worked on for a long time to clarify the common identity within the group and to further clarify and strengthen our profile towards investors and customers globally.

Our reputation for quality, reliability and speed together with increased demand for our products and know-how takes us on our transformation journey from a traditional product development company to a global sales company.

Our strengthened brand clarifies that our products are building blocks for technological innovation and they enable companies to offer faster and more reliable services than ever.



Innovation as a baseline

It took hard work from a lot of people within the company to find the right branding for the “soul” of our company. Our employees are proud to work with the latest and coolest technology and we have been able to deliver cutting edge state-of-the-art products over time. Hence, one of the defining keywords that was easiest to agree on was innovation.

From this we built our new slogan  “At the heart of innovation”.


Let us share our insights as well as show you how we help redefine what’s possible  – that´s why we will keep on being at the heart of innovation.



SIVERS – Creating value