5G Open RAN

The Open Radio Access initiative reduces cost and complexity by allowing operators to mix and match hardware as they wish.


5G Open Ran

The Open RAN approach is equally useful in the millimeter-wave space, with the lack of existing legacy providers offering unique opportunities. Vendors, product companies, and mobile operators can all benefit from Sivers unique capabilities.

The Challenges


Since millimeter-wave deployments require line of sight, the greatest challenge is to ensure sufficient throughput to customers at a justifiable price point. Sivers technologies directly address this, offering a range of products that perfectly balance cost and performance.

The Benefits

Reach further

Superior link budgets enable transmission over longer distances to a greater number of addressable customers.

Handle more data

Millimeter-wave technology is opening up new opportunities to serve data at volume at gigabit speeds using high-frequency spectrums.

Serve more customers

Wider spectrum, better link budget, longer reach, and a higher number of customers connected means a superior business case.


Open RAN Phased Antenna Array Module (ORAN PAAM) Design

Presented by Mats Carlsson, our previous CTO.

At this webinar, Mats Carlsson will give an introduction to Open RAN and present how different architectural choices will impact system performance and cost.

Relevant Products


Dual quad beam-forming RFIC, optimized for the active antenna array base station. High output power offers longer reach and flexibility. Superior signal quality enables higher throughput and more data to the end-user. Market-leading power efficiency minimizes the complexity and cost of cooling solutions for bigger antenna arrays. The perfect way to reduce operator TCO.




Tailor-made for CPE equipment with the highest level of integration available for 5G NR millimeter-wave applications. CPE usage not only presents tough demands for performance and functionality but is also considerable price pressure, being a consumer near application. The TRXBF02 can be integrated together with any baseband solution supporting a Zero-IF interface.


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