Sivers Wireless Management Team

Pelle Wijk

Managing Director Wireless (MD Wireless)

Born 1971

Appointed Managing Director in January 2021. Pelle Wijk most recently comes from Imagination Technologies, former Kisel Microelectronics, where he was CEO before Kisel was acquired by Imagination in 2014. Pelle Wijk has more than 15 years of experience in leadership and chip development. Pelle Wijk began his career at Ericsson where he was employed for eight years.



Patric Erlandsson

Vice President Sales & Marketing (VP Sales & Marketing)

Born 1966

Joined Sivers Semiconductors (previous Sivers IMA) in September 2015. Patric has held various leading roles in Ericsson. He has been working with radar- and radio link backhaul systems since 1994.



Erik Öjefors

Chief Technical Officer (CTO)

Born 1975

Erik joined Sivers Semiconductors (previous Sivers IMA) in October 2011 as a senior mmWave RFIC engineer and was appointed CTO in October 2020. He received his Ph.D. degree in monolithic mmWave antenna technology at Uppsala University and has pursued a career in mmWave and terahertz RFIC research at several European universities and smaller companies.



Erik Wiklund

Vice President Operations (VP Operations)

Born 1968

Erik joined Sivers Semiconductors (previous Sivers IMA) in January 2015, first as Senior Project Manager and was appointed VP Operations in August 2016. He has over 20 years of experience in various positions from the hardware and radio communications industry from companies like Ericsson, Sony Ericsson and Opticon.



Sven Petterson

Vice President R&D (VP R&D)

Born 1957

Sven joined Sivers Semiconductors (previous Sivers IMA) in June 2016 as Manager for the R&D Department. Sven has devoted his professional life to hardware development in various companies; Saab (then PEAB), Siemens-Elema, Sony-Ericsson and Westinghouse, in leading positions as manager or Project Manager.



Magnus Sneitz

Project Office Manager (PMO)

Born 1970

Magnus joined Sivers Semiconductors ( previous Sivers IMA) in February 2017, first as Senior Project Manager and was appointed to PMO November 2020. He has over 20 years of experience in various managing positions within product development and sales of wireless, IOT and software solutions. Magnus has broad experience working in start-up and larger companies within silicon, IOT and defense industry.



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