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Whether wireless or photonics, the team at Sivers Semiconductors share the passion for technology and perfection – precision engineering for quality, reliability, and speed.

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We are always on the lookout for new talent who can help us reach our goals!
We look for people that share our passion for cutting edge technology, perfection and exceeding customers’ expectations.

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Employees with sustainability competencies

In order to create sustainability benefits, the Group has a responsibility to train our employees. The right knowledge and conditions need to be in place to provide our customers with the right advice. Many employees appreciate a sustainable employer and the opportunity to influence our customers’ attitude to sustainability.


Sivers Semiconductors employs a total of 117 staff, of which 25 percent women and 75 percent men. Our employees have a high degree of competencies, solid professional and/or academic backgrounds and represent many different nationalities. Sivers Semiconductors’ HR work proceeds from the Group’s policy in the area. The policy covers the entire cycle, from selection and recruitment, through development, to termination of employment. The policy contributes to the Company’s business goals and ensures that Sivers Semiconductors is, and is perceived as, an attractive employer by potential and existing employees.

Sivers Semiconductors safeguards a healthy working environment, in all respects. We carry out and continuously implement risk assessments where we review potential causes of injuries and ill health, and how these risks can be eliminated or managed through preventative and protective measures. Employee health and safety is addressed with openness and care, and includes physical and mental health.

Sivers Semiconductors has defined the behaviors we expect from our employees and managers. Good employeeship is about contributing to the Company’s goals and progress. Our starting point is that employees can and want to assume significant personal responsibility for carrying out their work effectively. Employees are expected to complete assignments based on their own goals and development plans, take independent initiative and assume responsibility for tasks and results, as well as treat others with respect and remain open to people’s differences. Being a leader at Sivers Semiconductors means setting a good example and encouraging personal responsibility and commitment. This includes creating conditions for employees to achieve their goals. Our leaders are expected to strive for an inclusive working environment and to create opportunities for taking responsibility, creativity and learning.

Sivers Semiconductors works on the basis of each individual’s performance and results to pursue operations towards set goals. We proceed from the Company’s strategy, clarify priorities and build our employee’s motivation to contribute to the company. Sivers Semiconductors attracts, motivates and retains employees by means including salary and benefits that are appropriate and fair. Remuneration is based on respective national legislation and collective agreements.
Individuals that contribute to the Company’s success are offered to participate in value growth through employee option programs provided by Sivers Semiconductors. There are currently four programs with terms of between four and eight years. 

Human rights and social responsibility
Sivers Semiconductors’ Code of Conduct determines that all operations shall be carried out with respect for human rights, employee health and safety, and the societies where we operate. The Company complies with international norms, laws and rules with regard to human rights and labor law. This includes prohibition against child and forced labor and discrimination, and respect for employees’ freedom of association and the right to collective negotiations. We promote diversity and a more even distribution between the sexes and equal opportunities. Sivers Semiconductors is a multicultural workplace and we strive for equal rights, opportunities, and obligations regardless of gender, transgender identity or expression, ethnicity, religion or other belief, disability, sexual orientation or age. Another important aspect of our culture is to support women’s and men’s opportunities to create a positive work-life balance.
Human rights and procurement. Sivers Semiconductors also takes human rights into account in its procurement. The demands made are indicated in the Code of Conduct for suppliers. For example, our products are prohibited from including conflict minerals.

Sivers Semiconductors’ success is based on long-term and trusted relationships. It is critical that all operations and business takes place with integrity and responsibility, and that we counteract all forms of corruption and illegal and unsuitable business practices. Sivers Semiconductors’ stance is defined in the Company’s Code of Conduct, Sustainability policy and HR policy. Employees wanting to report suspected cases of misconduct are encouraged to do so to their line manager. Cases are escalated within the organization. Alternatively, any suspect misconduct can always be reported via [email protected], a direct link to the chairman of the board.


Photonics helps create industry standards

Sivers Photonics is a founding member of an elite group of companies signed up to a multi-source agreement (MSA) to define a new, industry-standard for continuous wave (CW) laser sources.


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Pioneering innovation for Wireless technology

Market leading 5G wireless chip with the highest level of integration

Sivers Wireless product development is energized by several collaborations with customers and partners. Compliance with industry standardization and regulations is highly focused.


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