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Sivers Wireless product development is energized by several collaborations with customers and partners.

Compliance with industry standardization and regulations is highly focused.


Understanding the market and our customers’ needs is central to product development. Feedback from our network of partners is of considerable importance in this context. In some development projects, specific customers are involved throughout the entire journey. Another key factor for developing the right product at the right time relates to carefully monitoring standardization and regulatory frameworks that are emerging in the sector.

Product development includes chips, modules and antennas where a chip is included. Normally, 2–3 chip projects are ongoing and several module projects in parallel. During the year, Wireless completed development of its transceiver chip which won the best industry showcase award at trade symposium IEEE RFIC 2018. This meant that the chip can now be offered for volume delivery.

The equivalent chip for 5G, 28 GHz, was ready for volume production at the end of 2020. Furthermore, hardware tests were completed of a beamformer-chip for 5G, 28GHz, designed to be a cornerstone of 5G infrastructure. The difference between these two types of chip is, simply put, that beamforms only have the high frequency radio element, while a complete transceiver chip includes conversion to an IQ interface that facilitates integration for our customers. At module level, we developed a cost-efficient radio module for 57–71 GHz for use in wireless broadband for households without access to fiber.

To ensure design quality, we increased capacity for pilot studies and simulations in the year, both through software and recruitment. Of a total of 36 employees in the business area, around half work on development.

Sivers Wireless is the only market operator to cover the entire frequency range from 57 GHz to 71GHz with a chip and an antenna solution.
The transceiver chip has a high degree of integration that decreases the need for additional components, which makes the radio modules cost-effective for customers.

In 2020 we also developed the next version of the 5G chip and radio module to be included in deliveries contracted for 2022. This work engages a large proportion of our development capacity, which was also strengthened with external competencies. The new versions intended for the frequency bands 28 and 39 Ghz will be even more cost efficient and adapted for high volume production.

Product development is supported by a number of collaborations with customers and partners. Both radio modules and chips require far-reaching integration in customers’ products, both on the hardware and software side. Integration is facilitated by the Group’s partnerships with modem suppliers such as NXP, Blu Wireless and Ampleon.

The development division will increase capacity further to include simulation in the design phase and hardware testing during 2021, through the expansion of existing facilities, by acquiring new instruments and the recruitment of new staff. This will shorten the time-to-market for new products.


our licensed and unlicensed 5g products


Our passion for cutting-edge technology drives our inventors to continuously reach new technological achievements gaining exclusivity over pioneering innovations for wireless technology.

Some of our granted patents

Granted patent 2021:  Radio Frequency Transceiver

Granted patent 2013:  Waveguide Transition