Satellite Communications

Meeting the demand from low earth orbit solutions providing broadband connectivity to the underserved in rural areas around the globe.



Satellite Communications (SatCom)


Satellite communications (SatCom) is today a vital component in people’s everyday life around the globe. By providing tele- or aeronautical communications, navigation services, weather monitoring, in-flight connectivity services as well as maritime and military use cases, SatCom is an area of huge interest among various service providers. With the exponential growth in 5G, artificial intelligence, machine learning and Big Data combined with the use of low earth orbit (LEO) configurations, the opportunity is opening up to leverage on SatCom in a totally different way than we are used to.




The Challenge


How can you secure a cost optimized broadband connectivity of a ground station to a satellite travelling the sky in 15 minutes? Sivers offers the use of Ka-band technology combined with phased array antenna solutions enabling electric steering of the antenna beam.




The Benefits

Reduced footprint

By using Sivers Ka-band technology
the size, weight and space required for the transceiver in the ground terminal is drastically reduced, which has a major impact on the cost of the ground station. It also makes it feasible to implement this type of connectivity in new, more flexible and mobile types of ground station terminals.

Low cost

Traditionally mechanically steered antennas
has been used in the SatCom space. When connecting to LEO based satellites, this will generate huge costs for maintenance and repair of the ground station. By leveraging on Sivers’ expertise and experience in active antenna solutions with electronic beam steering, you can minimize the operational expenses of your ground station.

Improved broadband performance

Energy consumption and throughput are critical success factors when deploying SatCom ground terminals. The way to differentiate yourself is to work with a supplier that can offer the best performance with the lowest energy consumption tailored to the requirements you have.


Relevant Products

TRB02801    SUMMIT2629E

Relevant Services

Bespoke development programs:

IC development | Antenna module development




Sivers Semiconductors expands partnership with Thorium Space S.A

Sivers Semiconductors granted €0.6 million grant from European Space Agency

Sivers Wireless receives $5M volume production order from its leading European SATCOM customer

Sivers Wireless receives $425,000 contract from top-tier SATCOM network provider

Sivers Semiconductors signs $1.85 million contract with Thorium Space for satellite communications

Sivers Semiconductors signs $16.4 million strategic development agreement with European satellite communications company



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