Sivers Semiconductors

At the heart of innovation

Sivers Semiconductors enables a better connected and safer world by delivering the best solutions for fiber and wireless networks


Sivers Semiconductors is a leading and internationally recognized technology company that, through its two business areas Photonics and Wireless, supplies integrated chips and modules.

mmWave technology and optical semiconductors
are central to high-speed networks and Sivers’ products satisfy the strong need to upgrade infrastructure driven by the exponential increase in data traffic

Anders Storm
Group CEO of Sivers Semiconductors
gives an introduction to the company

Satisfying demand for upgraded technology and infrastructure for megatrends

Sivers Semiconductors is active on the market for products needed to upgrade data and telecommunications networks, including sensors. The sharp increase in traffic in these networks requires extensive investment, which in turn drives market growth for Sivers.

The chips and components offered by Sivers Semiconductors Group meet demand in several areas where growth is driven by overlapping megatrends.

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