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Sivers Photonics

Sivers Photonics is the world’s most advanced supplier of customised III-V semiconductor photonics devices, enabling next generation applications in optical communications and sensing markets, and a key strategic supplier to many Fortune-100 and Silicon Valley customers.

With over 20 years of expertise designing and manufacturing III-V photonic devices across diverse material systems, our foundry provides end-to-end in-house capability, from prototype design to qualified high-volume manufacturing.

With a particular focus on InP sources optimised for silicon photonics integration, we offer customisable high power,
InP-based DFB lasers and gain chips, as single emitters or arrays, on our InP100 Product Platform.

Photonics Critical Markets

Our devices for fibre optic communications are a key component of data transmission and storage. The speed benefit of light-based solutions in these applications vastly outweighs the traditional, electronic conduction solutions they replace. The optical communications market encompasses high-growth applications including cloud storage and cloud communications; 5G fronthaul; and artificial intelligence.

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Our optical sensing devices enable applications which are experiencing high growth in both consumer and industrial electronics. This is driven by unprecedented advances in applications such as 3D sensing and consumer biometrics; autonomous and assisted driving vehicles (LiDAR); emerging quantum technologies; and optical spectroscopy applications.


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