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CEO Anders Storm presents the Q2 quarterly report on July 18, 2024.

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Sivers Semiconductors  is a leader in SATCOM, 5G, 6G, Photonics, and Silicon Photonics that drives innovation in global communications and sensor technology.

Catering to a broad spectrum of industries from telecommunication to aerospace, Sivers Semiconductors fulfill the increasing demand for computational speed and AI application performance, replacing electric with optical connections for a more sustainable world.

What We Offer

Through our two business units Sivers Photonics and Sivers Wireless, Sivers Semiconductors supplies cutting-edge, integrated chips and modules critical for high-performance gigabit wireless and optical networks. 

  • Sivers Photonics

    Sivers Photonics expertise is revolutionizing custom semiconductor photonic devices for optical networks and optical sensing.

    Sivers Photonics

    Photonics is a supplier of customized III-V semiconductor photonics and silicon photonics devices enabling next generation applications in optical communications and sensing.

  • Sivers Wireless

    Sivers Wireless solutions are forging paths mainly in advanced SATCOM but also in 5G/6G systems

    Sivers Wireless

    Wireless is a fabless designer of mmWave radio frequency integrated circuits (RFICs) and beamforming integrated circuits (BFICs)

Sivers Semiconductors is uniquely positioned to contribute to driving market megatrends

Optical semiconductors and mmWave technology are both central to high-speed networks and Sivers’ products satisfy the strong need to upgrade infrastructure driven by the exponential increase in data traffic. Both business areas focus on infrastructure applications, but they also have products that can be used in consumer electronics, and they generally tailor their offerings to customers’ specific needs.


Sivers is uniquely positioned to contribute to driving market megatrends
Sivers is uniquely positioned to contribute to driving market megatrends such as High-Speed Broadband, Silicon Photonics, Augumented reality, Autonomous Driving, Satellite Communications (SatCom) and Consumer Sensors.





Strong Ecosystem with blue chip industry partners

Sivers Semiconductors is at the absolute forefront of technology development through strong partnership with leading players in the market.



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