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Sivers Semiconductors is a global leader in AI Photonics and wireless Satellite Communication (SATCOM)


Fulfilling the increasing demand for computational speed and AI application performance

Catering to a broad spectrum of industries from telecommunication to aerospace, Sivers Semiconductors fulfill the increasing demand for computational speed and AI application performance, replacing electric with optical connections for a more sustainable world.

Through our two business units Sivers Photonics and Sivers Wireless, Sivers Semiconductors supplies cutting-edge, integrated chips and modules critical for high-performance gigabit wireless and optical networks. 

  • Sivers Photonics

    Sivers Photonics expertise is revolutionizing custom semiconductor photonic devices for optical networks and optical sensing.

    Sivers Photonics

    Photonics is a supplier of customized III-V semiconductor photonics devices enabling next generation applications in optical communications and sensing.

  • Sivers Wireless

    Sivers Wireless solutions are forging paths mainly in advanced SATCOM but also in 5G/6G systems

    Sivers Wireless

    Wireless is a fabless designer of radio frequency integrated circuits (RFICs) and beamforming integrated circuits (BFICs)


Strong Ecosystem with blue chip industry partners

Sivers Semiconductors is at the absolute forefront of technology development through strong partnership with leading players in the market. Some examples:

Important SATCOM development agreement.
Order deepened strategic collaboration for generative AI.
Sivers’ and Ayar Labs’ solution addresses new sizeable TAM.
Partnership to develop laser technology for optical communications and optical sensing.

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SiversInside – Creating value for our customers and partners

Sivers Semiconductors drives some of the world’s most extraordinary technological achievements and we’re justifiably proud of our reputation for quality, reliability, and speed.

We are at the heart of innovation of some of the coolest and most advanced communications and sensor solutions for gigabit wireless and optical networks.


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Sivers Semiconductors in Action

Our products are the building blocks for technical innovation, empowering companies to offer faster, more reliable services than ever. See how Sivers Semiconductors helps redefine what’s possible, around the world.

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