Fixed Wireless Access

A genuine, Gigabit speed alternative or complement to fiber connections, operating in the licensed and unlicensed spectrums.

With a seemingly infinite appetite for data amongst end-users, broadband providers are looking for innovative solutions that provide an alternative to fiber. In locations where it is either impossible to dig (or insufficient demand), 5G wireless broadband is a cost-effective, reliable and flexible alternative.

The Challenges


When choosing a wireless alternative, there are a couple of preliminary choices – licensed or unlicensed? What speed, range, and throughput do you need to offer? Sivers Semiconductors offers a broad range of solutions that can exactly match your requirements and budget.

The Benefits

Reach further

Superior link budgets enable transmission over longer distances to a greater number of addressable customers.

Handle more data

Millimeter-wave technology is opening up new opportunities to serve data at volume at gigabit speeds using high-frequency spectrums.

Serve more customers

Wider spectrum, better link budget, longer reach, and a higher number of customers connected means a superior business case.

Customer Case Study

CCS (Cambridge Communication Systems)

CCS Metnet 60G integrated with Sivers Semiconductors 60 GHz mmWave radio/antenna solution

After an extensive search, we concluded that Sivers Semiconductors offered truly unique capabilities and performance that we could integrate within our hardware platform and utilise to deliver a differentiated solution – offering highest capacity per node, use of all six channels in the 57-71 GHz band, and best range performance.

Martin Harriman Executive Chairman, CCS
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Relevant Products



For unlicensed 5G, Sivers Semiconductors has developed a highly integrated RFIC with superior link budget and throughput. With high output power, high throughput, and support for electronic beamforming, the TRX BF/01 has 16+16 transmit and receive channels, with great performance across the 6 channels in the 57 to 71 GHz range, ideal for those who want to develop their own antenna solution.

About TRX BF/01

Phased array patch antenna


For those who do not have the time, resources or capability to develop their own antennas, Sivers Semiconductors offers a phased array patch antenna with a unique coverage from 57 to 71 GHz. It can support electronic beamforming both in azimuth and in elevation and can also enable high throughput at maximum allowed transmitted power (+40 dBm).

Included in Module BFM 06010/BFM 06011


For licensed 5G, Sivers Semiconductors has developed an RFIC that includes all the necessary building blocks for NR Fixed Wireless Access deployments – on one chip. Fewer components mean a reduced bill of material and higher build quality, giving you a competitive edge. The TRX BF/02 is also uniquely flexible, covering the full frequency band from 24.0 to 29.5 GHz.

About TRX BF/02

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