CCS Metnet 60G integrated with Sivers Semiconductors 60 GHz mmWave radio/antenna solution



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“As you would expect with any engineering project, building our hardware platform and achieving the integration with our Metnet software was not without its challenges, but the strong working partnership and close collaboration between the engineering and management teams of our two companies has always found solutions to overcome these”.

Martin Harriman
Executive Chairman, CCS


     CCS Metnet 60G

The Customer Case Study in Brief

CCS (Cambridge Communication System)
Cambridge | United Kingdom


  • Help operators build hybrid fibre-wireless networks delivering the lowest overall network TCO
  • Address the 60GHz market for FWA and mobile backhaul
  • Design a complete best-in-class 60GHz solution
  • Reduce time-to-market
  • Achieve scale to business and manufacturing


  • CCS software together with Sivers Semiconductors 60GHz mmWave radio/antenna solution and Renesas IDT modem and Blu Wireless IPR – Metnet 60G
  • Sales and manufacturing agreement with ADTRAN reaching hundreds of service providers across the globe


  • Maximise the full-fibre service reach at the lowest possible total cost of ownership
  • Engineering project completed thanks to close collaboration between the engineering and management teams of CCS and Sivers Semiconductors
  • Highest capacity per node, use of all six channels in the 57-71GHz band, and best range performance


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Photo: Trafalgar Square, January 2020