Satisfying demand for upgraded technology and infrastructure for megatrends

Sivers Semiconductors is active on the market for products needed to upgrade data and telecommunications networks, including sensors. The sharp increase in traffic in these networks requires extensive investment, which in turn drives market growth for Sivers.

The chips and components offered by Sivers Semiconductors Group meet demand in several areas where growth is driven by overlapping megatrends.

Facing a shift

Photonics and Wireless are facing a shift, as our customers’ customers are  starting to demand increased volumes. Both business areas focus on infrastructure applications, but they also have products that can be used in consumer electronics and they generally tailor their offerings to customers’ specific needs.



By delivering solutions for sensors and networks, Sivers Semiconductors contribute to a better connected and safer world


Sivers – at the heart of several megatrends

Sivers’ mmWave and photonics technology and  are a vital cog in growth in several megatrends:

Strong position on a fast-growing market
The market for data centers, wireless and fixed broadband, and sensors is growing rapidly, and the chips and components offered by the Group meet demand in all these areas. Thanks to the integration of MixComm, Sivers strengthened its position in this fast-growing market in 2022.

Sivers’ total addressable market (TAM) is USD10bn. [Yolé Dévelopment, 2021, Yole Dévelopement, 2022, NSR Report “Flat Panel Satellite Antenna Analysis, 6th Edition]

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