High Power DFB Lasers for FMCW LIDAR

Frequency modulated continuous wave (FMCW) lasers  enabling the next generation of LIDAR technology 




High Power DFB Lasers for FMCW LIDAR

Frequency-modulated continuous wave (FMCW) lasers at 1310nm/1550nm. Enabling improved LIDAR system performance, safety and range, at low cost, and low power consumption.

The laser design is a ridge waveguide (RWG) grown on n-type substrate with multi-quantum well (MQW) active layers and distributed-feedback (DFB) ebeam lithography grating layer.

The devices are compatible with non-hermetic assembly, with facets coated with an anti-reflection (AR) coating at the front and high-reflection (HR) coating at the back.

This product is available as a singulated die in Gel-Pak or on tape.

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Key features

    • 100mW at 1310nm at 25°C / 60 mW at 1550nm at 25°C
    • LWs <300kHz
    • SMSR > 50dB
    • Complementary O-band and C-band booster SOAs






Optical Spectrum
Fig. 1. Optical Spectrum at 1310nm


LIV Curve
Fig. 2. LIV Curve at 1310nm


Optical Spectrum at 1550nm
Fig 3. Optical Spectrum at 1550nm


LIV Curve at 1550nm
Fig. 4. LIV Curve at 1550nm


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