MWC back with zero restrictions!

The Wireless mega industry is now more or less back in full force! With over 88,500 attendees from 202 countries, MWC2023 showed that the industry is definitely back on track as we also could ascertain from a Sivers Semiconductors perspective. The intensity, the number of meetings and the willingness of the eco-system to work together was amazing, which we showed in our booth with two major demos including some of our partners: Intel, NXP, WiSig Network and PureSoftware.

Our booth this year had focus on 5G and particularly on the 5G millimeter wave (mmWave) market that is about to get started in India, which will be a very substantial market. All in all we had 46 partner and customer meetings plus all ”walk-ins” which were many more than any previous year. Also, the interest from the bank and the investor community was much bigger than ever before. On-top of 5G, Satellite Communication had the biggest impact ever and we met both customers and potential new customers at the show.

Our Intel and WiSig demo launching first stand-alone 5G mmWave solution targeting the Indian market was a big success and we were honoured to have visiting dignitaries in our booth from the Government of India delegation led by Mr Kantha Rao, Additional Secretary Department of Telecommunications, and CDOT executive director and chairman Dr. Rajkumar Upadhyay.

Sivers and partner demos

This year Sivers Wireless probably had the best demos of solutions so far. Two full-fledged demos, one with PureSoftware and NXP to demonstrate 5G integrated O-RAN-compliant base station reference design for the 5G mmWave market based on the NXP Layerscape processor platform and one demonstration with Intel and WiSig Networks where we launched the world's first 5G mmWave FR2 stand-alone CPE solution.

More about the demos and solutions

Sivers Semiconductors, Intel and WiSig Networks launching the world’s first 5G mmWave FR2 stand-alone CPE solution
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Link to Technical Description

Sivers collaborates with PureSoftware to demonstrate 5G integrated reference design leveraging NXP® Semiconductors
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Sivers did not just share live demonstrations in our own booth, we were also active in being part of partner’s live demonstrations with Sivers inside in both Fujikura, Adtran and Kreemo solutions to mention a few.

Indian market to drive 5G mmWave and Satellite communication get bigger at MWC?

India is offering a large imminent 5G mmWave opportunity as well as we see a long term global market demand for stand-alone FR2 solutions (mmWave). The Indian 5G market is expected to become one of the largest in the world, with a turnover of INR 10 trillion ($120 Billion) by the end of 2023. Sivers Semiconductors, Intel, and WiSig Network demonstration at MWC was very timely and we were very happy to be able to show our cutting-edge solution with Intel and WiSig. Intel Agilex 7 FPGA product family is a market leader with 2x better fabric performance per watt compared to other 7nm FPGAs and are ready for mass production.

Satellite communications is a great compliment to 5G in many wireless use cases. It was also quite clear that this market has matured a lot lately and with all new MEO (Mid Earth Orbit) and LEO (Low Earth Orbit) satellite constellations being deployed the drive and need for new ground terminals that need to offer beam forming is growing and this is putting Sivers Wireless BFIC and transceiver solutions straight into an extremely hot market with confirmed order above SEK 200m the last 6 months. The pipeline in this area is growing and MWC is now also a great place to meet customers and partners in this vertical.


It was so great seeing that MWC is back in full force! Not only to see the great interest in our 5G products but also this time it laid the foundation for a new SATCOM contract with Thorium Space (signed March 17 ) which shows that MWC is now also space focused. MWC is and will be for a long time our main fair of the year and it could not have been better than this year for Sivers Wireless.

Anders Storm

Group CEO
Sivers Semiconductors