Barcelona, Spain - Sivers Semiconductors (“Sivers”) is proud to announce a collaboration with Intel and WiSig Network to launch the world's first 5G millimeter-wave FR2 stand-alone CPE solution.

The three companies are joining forces to address the huge, imminent 5G millimeter-wave opportunity in India, but also in the long term to adhere to the global market demand for stand-alone FR2 solutions. The Indian 5G market is expected to become one of the largest in the world**, with a turnover of INR 10 trillion ($120 Billion) by the end of 2023*. Sivers Semiconductors, Intel, and WiSig Network are poised to take the lead in meeting this growing demand with their cutting-edge solution.

Intel, WiSig, and Sivers are jointly developing the world’s first fully stand-alone 5G millimeter wave FR2 solution for Customer Premises Equipment (CPE), which can also be utilized as an integrated backhaul terminal in Sub-6 GHz 5G radio access networks. This unique solution is based on the Intel Agilex FPGA portfolio, Sivers RF and antenna technology, and full-stack software developed by WiSig, and will be live demonstrated in the Sivers Semiconductor stand (stand #5E2) during the MWC2023 in Barcelona, February 27 – March 2.

"We're thrilled to be working with Sivers Semiconductors and Intel to bring this solution to market," says Kiran Kuchi, founder of WiSig Network, and continues: "Our full-stack software, combined with Intel's Agilex platform and Sivers' RF and antenna technology, will provide customers with a truly unique and groundbreaking solution."  This CPE solution enables operators to deploy their 5G networks at street level by supporting flexible and high-density deployments of 5G NR cells in both urban and rural areas without relying on the expensive wired backhaul”,

“It is great to see our teams joining forces to make this solution a reality and it is, yet again, a proof point that an open and agnostic approach creates the best partnerships for the ecosystem.  It is not only an important solution for traditional mobile operators but will also be a significant game changer for those companies managing 5G Private Networks, as they will now have the full benefit of stand-alone 5G mmWave terminals.”, says Anders Storm Group CEO of Sivers Semicondctors.

"The Intel Agilex 7 FPGA product family is a market leader with 2x better fabric performance per watt compared to other 7nm FPGAs*** and is a standout solution for implementing 5G millimeter wave systems”, adds Mike Fitton, VP and GM of Intel’s Network Business Division. “The integration of Agilex FPGAs with Sivers' analog front end and WiSig Network's expertise leverages the strengths of all three companies to bring a truly exceptional solution to the Indian market and beyond."

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* Market report issued by Techarc:

 ** Market report issued by Astute Analytica: 

*** Intel Performance Index:

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Anders Storm, CEO
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Sivers Semiconductors AB is a leading and internationally recognized technology company that supplies ICs and integrated modules through its two business areas Wireless and Photonics. Wireless develops mmWave products for advanced 5G systems for data and telecommunications networks and satellite communication. The portfolio includes RF transceivers, beamforming front end ICs, integrated mmwave antennas, repeaters, and software algorithms for optimum mmWave RF performance. Photonics develops and manufactures semiconductor based optical products for optical fiber networks, sensors and optical fiber communications (Li-Fi). The company is listed on Nasdaq Stockholm under SIVE. The head office is located in Kista, Sweden. For more information:                                                                                                                  

WiSig Networks Private Limited, based out of Hyderabad, India, is a leading 5G wireless technology, product IP and solution provider. WiSig Networks collaborates with semiconductor and processor companies to create reference platforms for 5G gNodeB and 5G IAB, licenses its designs and software to the original equipment maker. WiSig also works with ecosystem partners like ODMs, EMS partners to manufacture and deploy wireless communication equipment, consumer and IoT devices.