Sivers Semiconductors collaborates with PureSoftware to demonstrate 5G integrated reference design leveraging NXP® Semiconductors

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Customers such as network operators require an integrated transceiver/RFIC solution together with a digital baseband/modem as there is no appetite to do integration activities on their own. With proven pre-integrated transceiver-baseband technology, the operator can go directly to an ODM or box-builder for their final product.


Layerscape Baseband Platform based on LA1224 Baseband Processor (contact Nikolay  Guenov, Senior Director Product Management NXP)

FR2 Beamsteering TRB02801 RFIC and Antenna Module 

ORAN split 7.2 RU software (contact Noy Kucuk, senior Vice President

The PureSoftware integration of the NXP Layerscape baseband and the TRB02801 transceiver
Demo at MWC2023 in booth #5E2 in hall 5

The demo will show that the Sivers TRB02801 transceiver and antenna module has been integrated with the NXP baseband solution and is ready for deployment by operators through the use of ODMs/box builders or OEMs.

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Sivers mmWave transceivers have full interoperatibility with NXP baseband hardware and can be deployed with good performance in infrastructure (ORAN split 7.2 RU) and UE/CPE applications using software from NXP eco-system partners such as PureSoftware.

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