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60 GHz mmWave Wireless Communications Module & Outdoor Evaluation Kit

Fujikura has developed an embedded 60 GHz mmWave wireless communications module capable of achieving high-speed wireless communication in the 60 GHz frequency band. The compact design combines a baseband wireless modem function and a high-gain phased-array antenna with an included RF front-end function.


Fujikura 60 GHz mmWave Wireless Communications Module. 


Fujikura’s 60 GHz mmWave Wireless Communications Module is based on the IEEE 802.11ad (WiGig) standard, and integrates Sivers Semiconductors’ RFIC (TRXBF01) for unlicensed 5G.


SiversInside – RFIC TRXBF01

Main features:

The module can be embedded in mobile backhaul equipment, access points (AP), customer premises equipment (CPE), V2X equipment, and other equipment used in various communications networks.

Fujikura now offers an outdoor evaluation kit for early adapters. It is based on the new module with the Sivers Semiconductors’ WiGig RFIC inside.


Outdoor evaluation kit




Fujikura’s 60 GHz mmWave Wireless Communications Module

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