Sivers Semiconductors AB today announces that its Japanese lead customer Fujikura, after several successful customer trials, is now preparing the start of full-scale, high-quality volume production of their 60 GHz communication module.

Sivers Semiconductors and Fujikura have worked closely together for several years in a joint effort to offer this competitive 60 GHz communication module. Fujikura has developed a compact communication module including a baseband wireless modem function and an antenna with an included RF front end RFIC from Sivers Semiconductors (TRX BF/01). This module developed by Fujikura is built on their own low loss liquid crystal polymer (LCP) material and Fujikura antenna design.

Kiyoshi Kobayashi, Product Owner of the 60 GHz communication module at Fujikura explains: “We have been working very tightly with Sivers Semiconductors for several years and they have provided excellent guidance and support during the development and integration of our new 60 GHz module. Over the last year we have had great success in several trials and pilot projects we have been involved in and now we are taking the next important step to secure our capabilities to provide high volumes and good quality products to the market.

Anders Storm, Group CEO of Sivers Semiconductors says: “Fujikura is a well-known company with many capabilities, and it is an honor to work with their 60 GHz team in this project. With thoroughness and very high-quality standards, they have taken steps to reach a point where they now will take the final leap to commercially pursue the many new opportunities in the 60 GHz communications market. We are very happy to see that they now are entering this phase.”

As part of this project, Sivers Semiconductors and Fujikura are now also starting commercial negotiations to reach a long-term volume purchasing agreement, which is expected to be finalized during the autumn.


For more information please contact:
Anders Storm, Group CEO
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