Sivers Semiconductors is proud to be at the heart of innovation.


Sivers Semiconductors is proud to be at the heart of innovation, this time in a successful customer demonstration of high-speed V2X communication using WiGig mmWave technology for unlicensed 5G by our partner Fujikura in Japan.

The demonstration was conducted during four days in March 2021 using a local bus in service in Himeji City, Hyogo Prefecture in co-operation with five other partners including Kansai Transmission and Distribution, Inc. and was the first of its kind in Japan. The purpose was to confirm the effectiveness of a safe driving support system for local bus services by leveraging vehicle-to-infrastructure communication and vehicle-to-vehicle communication with bicycles at intersections with poor visibility and no traffic lights.

For the demonstration, Fujikura had installed wireless communication devices equipped with Fujikura’s 60 GHz mmWave Wireless Communications Module on electric poles in the streets and on a local bus to establish a wideband, high-speed wireless connection between the two. By using the wireless connection, the module successfully uploaded in-vehicle camera images in real time and also transmitted GNSS (global navigation satellite system) correction data necessary for high-precision vehicle positioning, which is required to support safe driving.

Photo, Fujikura: In-vehicle camera image transmitted in real time by the 60 GHz
mmWave communication device

Fujikura’s 60 GHz Millimeter Wave Wireless Communications Module is based on the IEEE 802.11ad (WiGig) standard and integrates Sivers Semiconductors’ RF chipset (TRX BF/01) for the 57-71 GHz frequency bands (unlicensed 5G). The module provides world-class, high-speed communication (>2Gbps) and long-distance transmission capability (>500 m).

Photo, Fujikura: Fujikura’s 60 GHz millimeter-wave wireless communication
device used for Himeji City safe driving support demonstration


Fujikura plans to accelerate their studies of applying this technology to various V2X (vehicle-to-everything) systems to be incorporated into transportation-related vehicles such as general vehicles, buses and trucks, construction/work vehicles, and AGVs (automatic guided vehicles) used in factories. With the aim of having this module evaluated outdoors, Fujikura plans to start providing early adopters with an “outdoor evaluation kit” from Q2 2021.

Photo, Fujikura: Outdoor evaluation kit

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