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Ultra-fast Fixed Wireless Access broadband service in central London


Next-Generation Wireless Infrastructure-as-a-Service Provider Ontix is running a Fixed Wireless Access (FWA) service delivering gigabit connectivity in central London.

To do this, Ontix has deployed CCS’s unobstrusive Metnet 60G small cell nodes and backhaul system – powered by Sivers Semiconductors’ WiGig chipsets and antenna (BFM06010) for unlicensed 5G mmWave (57-71 GHz). The CCS Metnet 60G system is also the backbone of a public Wi-Fi service delivered by Ontix, offering enhanced connectivity in London’s busiest areas



Ontix began building a trial network in Trafalgar Square in 2019 which has subsequently been extended to more areas across the Westminster borough. The vast borough of Westminster encompasses many of London’s most popular tourist attractions, from Buckingham Palace, Big Ben and Westminster Abbey through to the West End, Covent Garden, Paddington and beyond.

With an exponential increase in the demand for mobile data, pressure on the borough’s legacy network infrastructure has been growing, with operators struggling to access enough suitable rooftop sites to deploy the macro cells they have been using to date. The Council has therefore been actively seeking to harness its borough-managed assets to improve mobile coverage and capacity and boost the UK’s ambitions to become a world leader in 5G.



SiversInside – BFM 06010


Through a 10-year strategic partnership with Westminster City Council, Ontix has exclusive rights to deploy small cells on the Council’s street furniture assets and lampposts, providing next-generation wireless infrastructure to mobile operators and other wireless network operators. As part of the long-term partnership, Ontix will also build a high capacity, neutral-host ‘Metrohaul’ network to deliver 5G-ready connectivity for all operators.

Through its innovative infrastructure-as-a-service approach, Ontix takes complete ownership of acquiring and building shareable next-generation infrastructure, including connectivity. Ontix then makes its 5G-ready infrastructure available to MNOs as part of a comprehensive, end-to-end managed service.

Ontix began nationwide launch of its FWA services in 2020, initially offering the services in central London and now looking to expand the services to cities across the UK.

Below are some of Ontix’s deployment milestones:

Sept 2018   Major Central London Deployment of Small Cells, Including Launch of Next-Generation Neutral Host ‘Metrohaul’ Network

Nov 2019    Ontix Switches on Gigabit Broadband Service in London’s Soho

Dec 2020    Ontix Rolls Out Superfast Free Public Wi-Fi Across London Borough of Bexley

Ontix & GlobalReach Technology Deliver Seamless Central London Wi-Fi Roaming for AT&T’s International Customers

Apr 2021     Ontix Delivers Boost to Six Westminster Markets With New Superfast Public Wi-Fi Service

May 2021    Ontix finalist in Small Cell Forum’s Small Cells Awards 2021

Aug 2021     Ontix’s three recent Connected Britain shortlistings 





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