Connectorized evaluation board featuring the beam former IC SUMMIT2629e™, which is a highly integrated beam-forming front end for use in 5G phased array antennas, covering FR2 band n257 from 26.5 to 29.5GHz. The SUMMIT2629e allows for lower cost, more compact, and higher data rate 5G systems with exceptionally high linear output power, efficiency, and integration.

The SUMMIT2629eEVB provides connectorized access to all RF ports of the IC, including the 4 antenna-side ports in each of the horizontal and vertical polarizations and the common port in each polarization (10 RF ports in total).

Technical Specification

The evaluation board needs 4V, 2V, 1.8V and 1V DC power supplies and comes with a USB-to-SPI adaptor for easy programming of the IC through MATLAB scripts or command line interface.


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