Do you want to work with RF testing of our Satellite and 5G chip?

Job Overview

Sivers Semiconductors is an international semiconductor company focused on wireless and optical communications through two segments, Wireless, and Photonics. Sivers Wireless develops radio frequency (RF) chips and antennas for advanced 5G systems, 60 GHz communication systems, and satellite communications (SATCOM).

In this role, you will validate the performance (by doing measurements on hardware) of our RF products. You will plan, perform, and document the validation. The job also includes the development of Sivers test platforms for RF validation.

You will:                                                                                             

You will be an important part of a group of highly experienced RFIC/millimeter wave engineers that have designed world-leading 5G and satellite communication RFICs. The validation facility and the offices are located in the same building which further assists close interaction with designers.

Key Qualifications:

You are a driven person, who has very good networking and collaboration skills. The position requires a genuine interest in working hands-on with RF systems as well as an interest in Python programming and documentation of test results. You have excellent skills in English, both in writing and orally, Swedish is very beneficial.  You have an MSc in Electrical Engineering or a relevant field, and have excellent analytical and problem-solving skills together with experience in several of the following areas:

Beneficial Qualifications:

Career Development possibilities within Sivers Wireless

The position will give you hands-on experience with state-of-the-art RFICs and a thorough understanding of wireless system requirements.

The position puts you in a favorable position for personal development both to improve your technical competence in advanced radio communication standards and RF design and towards international customer relations.

Gothenburg, Sweden. On-site assignment.

Send to [email protected]. We will continuously review applications.

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