Sivers Semiconductors AB (publ) (”Sivers Semiconductors” or the ”Company”) (Nasdaq Stockholm: SIVE) has successfully completed a directed share issue of 20,695,650 million new ordinary shares at a subscription price of SEK 7.25 per share, raising gross proceeds of approximately SEK 150 million (the “Directed Issue”). Due to strong demand from investors the Directed Issue was increased from what was communicated in the press release earlier today.

The Directed Issue

The Board of Directors has, based on the issue authorization granted by the Annual General Meeting on May 19, 2022, resolved on a directed issue of 20,695,650 million new ordinary shares at an offer price of SEK 7.25 per share, consequently raising gross proceeds of approximately SEK 150 million.

The offer price has been determined through an accelerated book building procedure performed and corresponds to a discount of approximately 9.4 percent in relation to the closing price on Nasdaq Stockholm on April 4, 2023. A number of Swedish and international institutional investors, including a number of existing larger shareholders such as Rothesay Limited and existing institutional shareholders, participated in the Directed Issue. Furthermore, a number of new Swedish and international institutional investors participated in the Directed Issue, including, inter alia, the Second Swedish National Pension Fund (AP2), Cicero Fonder, the Fourth Swedish National Pension Fund (AP4) and Serpentine Ventures AG.

As the subscription price in the Directed Issue has been determined through a book building procedure, the Board of Directors assesses that the subscription price reflects current market conditions and demand.

Through the Directed Issue, the Company’s share capital will increase by SEK 10,347,825, from SEK 106,977,122 to SEK 117,324,947, by new issue of 20,695,650 ordinary shares, resulting in the total number of shares increasing from 213,954,244 shares to 234,649,894 shares, whereof 233,549,894 are ordinary shares and 1,100,000 are shares of series C[1]. The Directed Issue results in a dilution of approximately 8.8 percent of the capital and approximately 8.9 percent of the votes for existing shareholders based on the total number of shares and votes in the Company after the Directed Issue.

Conditional loan facility from a leading Nordic commercial bank

In accordance with what was communicated in the earlier press release, Sivers Semiconductors has been granted a conditional loan facility from a leading Nordic commercial bank of SEK 50 million. The loan is intended to replace the existing loan facility from Modelio Equity AB and Exelity AB and is intended to be used to strengthen the Company’s liquidity reserve and for general corporate purposes which may include working capital and investments to promote organic growth. The loan facility is, inter alia, conditional upon that the Company concludes ongoing negotiations regarding additional junior capital. In total, the financing will amount to approximately SEK 250 million and constitutes the Directed Issue, the loan facility and junior capital. As the Directed Issue resulted in SEK 150 million, the Company intends to secure junior capital of approximately SEK 50 million in addition to the loan facility in order to reach a total financing of SEK 250 million.

Background and reasons

The net proceeds from the Directed Issue are intended to be used for working capital and investments to promote continued organic growth within both business units; specifically, within SATCOM and 5G, which includes, inter alia, delivering on the contracts that were entered into in December 2022 and March 2023 with two European satellite communications companies totalling c. SEK 190 million, as well as increased production capacity within Photonics.

As communicated in the press releases on December 2, 2022 and March 17, 2023, respectively, the contracts within SATCOM constitutes long-term strategic partnerships which includes the development of multiple types of chips, forming the core of the customers’ next generation of ground terminals and space deployment, as well as contribute to redefining next generation’s communication solutions by enabling ubiquitous connectivity and once-unattainable performance and functionality across a broad range of SATCOM markets, including government, defence, aero, maritime and rail and offer consumer broadband services. The development work under the first contract was initiated in August 2022 and is expected to run until June 2024. Furthermore, the long-term partnership is expected to last long past 2030 with Sivers Semiconductor’s chips being used in a growing number of terminals from 2023 and forward. The development work attributable to the second contract was initiated in March 2023 and will run through to the end of the year.

The Board of Directors is of the opinion that the proceeds from the Directed Issue contributes to a good balance of different financing sources and that the Directed Issue is positive for the Company’s capital structure and general risk level. The Board of Directors has also considered the possibility to raise the required equity through a rights issue. The Board of Directors has concluded that a rights issue would have entailed significantly longer execution time and thereby increased market risk exposure compared to a directed issue. In addition, given the market volatility that has been observed during the beginning of 2023, and which is still ongoing, the Board of Directors has assessed that a rights issue would also have required significant underwriting commitments from an underwriting syndicate, which would have entailed additional costs and/or additional dilution depending on the type of consideration paid for such underwriting commitments. Moreover, unlike a rights issue, the Directed Issue has broadened the shareholder base and provided the Company with new reputable institutional owners, which the Board of Directors believes will strengthen the liquidity of the shares and be beneficial to the Company. In light of the above, the Board of Directors has made the assessment that the Directed Issue with deviation from the shareholders’ preferential rights was the most favourable alternative for Sivers Semiconductors and in the best interest of the Company’s shareholders.

Lock-up undertakings

In connection with the Directed Issue, the Company has agreed to a lock-up undertaking, with customary exceptions, on future share issuances for a period of 180 calendar days after the closing of the Directed Issue. In addition, CEO Anders Storm and CFO Håkan Rippe as well as the Board of Directors of Sivers Semiconductors have agreed not to sell any shares in the Company for a period of 60 days after the closing of the Directed Issue, subject to customary exceptions.


ABG Sundal Collier and Danske Bank act as Joint Bookrunners in connection with the Directed Issue, Setterwalls Advokatbyrå AB acts as legal adviser to the Company and Linklaters Advokatbyrå AB acts as legal adviser to the Joint Bookrunners.

For more information please contact:
Anders Storm, CEO Sivers Semiconductors
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Sivers Semiconductors AB is a leading and internationally recognized technology company that supplies ICs and integrated modules through its two business areas Wireless and Photonics. Wireless develops mmWave products for advanced 5G systems for data and telecommunications networks and satellite communication. The portfolio includes RF transceivers, beamforming front end ICs, integrated mmwave antennas, repeaters, and software algorithms for optimum mmWave RF performance. Photonics develops and manufactures semiconductor based optical products for optical fiber networks, sensors and optical fiber communications (Li-Fi). The company is listed on Nasdaq Stockholm under SIVE. The head office is located in Kista, Sweden. For more information:                    

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[1] The Class C shares are held by the Company for uses including exercise of stock option programs.