Sivers Semiconductors today announces the launch of multiple new products from the recently completed MixComm acquisition including 2nd generation beamformers, frequency converters, high-end fixed wireless access module

Right in time for Mobile World Congress 2022, Sivers Semiconductors is announcing multiple new products resulting from their recent acquisition of MixComm. These products build on MixComm’s novel architecture and use of RFSOI to enable robust mmWave solutions with optimal RF output power, power efficiency and cost.

The 2nd generation of the award winning SUMMITTM beamformers now cover all of the major FR2 frequencies from 24GHz to 41Ghz with higher linear RF output power over competing products while maintaining at least 2× higher efficiency. The SKYLINETM Frequency Converters have been designed with 5G mmWave wireless infrastructure needs in mind reducing cost and power consumption while enhancing system performance.  The WHISTLERTM High-end Fixed Wireless Access Module for Customer Premise Equipment uses both the 2nd generation SUMMIT beamformers and SKYLINE Frequency converter integrated circuits to deliver substantially improved uplink in a tiny, cost-effective module.  This enables easy self-install CPE equipment in smaller and more aesthetic form factors.  

“It is with great pleasure we now can share more information about our new line of products that are now within the Sivers family. With these products in our portfolio we add state-of-the-art BFICs, new Frequency Converters as well as a very High-end Fixed Wireless Access Module to our portfolio and are now happy to share this with all customers at MWC 2022”, says Anders Storm, Group CEO of Sivers Semiconductors.

Highlights of each of these new Sivers products:

2nd Generation SUMMITTM Beamformer Integrated Circuit Portfolio

  • Full coverage of the major FR2 bands in three parts:
    • SUMMIT2427e 24.25 to 27 GHz
    • SUMMIT2629e 26 to 29.5 GHz
    • SUMMIT3741e 37 to 41 GHz
  • Highest-reported Linear TX RF Output Power under 5G Infrastructure and UE Waveforms
  • Efficiency that is 2× that of Competitive BFICs
  • Four-element Dual-Polarization TDD TX/RX with Independent Polarization Beam Directions
  • Soon to be available in an ECLIPSETM Antenna in Package module
  • Samples available Q2 2022

SKYLINETM Frequency Converters

  • Two devices for coverage of the major FR2 bands:
    • SKYLINE2429 with RF 24.25 to 29.5GHz and IF 3.3 to 7.125GHz
    • SKYLINE3741 with RF 37 to 41GHz and IF 3.3 to 7.125GHz
  • High-performance mmWave-to-IF frequency converters
  • Performance and cost optimized for 5G mmWave infrastructure applications
  • Integrated LO multiplication
  • Samples available now for SKYLINE2429

WHISTLER TM High-end Fixed Wireless Access 28GHz module

  • Uses the SUMMIT2629e beamformer and SKYLINE2429 frequency converter integrated circuits
  • Best-in-class uplink EIRP >50dBm addresses a major limitation of existing solutions
  • Small size and low bill of materials makes attractive form factors possible while reducing cost and easing self-install
  • Available as a reference design now or can be supplied as a module through one of Sivers’ manufacturing ecosystem partners such as the Advanced Microsystems Technologies Division of Sanmina

More information about these new products and the rest of the Sivers portfolio will be available at MWC22, Gran Fira, in hall 5 at stand #5E2 throughout February 28th– March 3rd, 2022.  

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