San Diego, California, USA - Sivers Semiconductors AB subsidiary, Sivers Photonics, to exhibit and show live demo of its CW-WDM MSA compliant DFB laser arrays at Optical Fiber Communication Conference and Exhibition (OFC), taking place at the San Diego Convention Center, San Diego, California, USA, from 5 – 9 March.

You can find Sivers Photonics at booth #5400, from 7-9 March. The team from Sivers look forward to showcasing their range of custom III-V photonic devices, with a focus on their CW-WDM MSA compliant 8-wavelength O-Band CW DFB laser array. This laser technology is enabling integrated photonics to support the growing demand for improved internet services at lower power consumption, and reduced costs.

Following a successful demo at ECOC 2022, Sivers Photonics will once again partner with Ayar Labs, demonstrating Sivers Photonics 8-wavelength DFB laser array integrated into the Ayar Labs SuperNova™ multi-wavelength optical source. This technology is driving advanced ultra-high- speed optical interconnects for use in next-generation applications, including CPO, HPC and AI. The demonstration will be located at the Sivers Photonics booth #5400 during the exhibition. Ayar Labs will be located at booth #6008.

“We are excited to showcase the live demo of our DFB laser arrays with Ayar Labs, to the OFC audience. This ongoing partnership is crucial for driving leading edge, ultra-high speed optical interconnect solutions for next generation applications.”, said Billy McLaughlin, Sivers Photonics Managing Director.

“The first quarter of the year includes MWC and OFC, the two main annual events for our business units. Demonstrating our 8-wavelength DFB laser arrays at OFC allows us to showcase how far we have come with our DFB technology. Our Indium phosphide (InP) lasers are showing world-class performance, underpinned by our great partner Ayar Labs using our DFBs to show their one-of-a- kind solution with their SuperNova™ light source in combination with the TeraPHY™ optical I/O chiplet.”, said Anders Storm, Sivers Semiconductors Group CEO.

Sivers will also showcase the ongoing work with their partners, imec and ASMPT, on high- precision III-V laser flip-chip assembly for Silicon Photonics. Flip-chip bonded DFB lasers/RSOAs from Sivers’ InP100 product platform, with precision bonding from partner ASMPT, allow imec to extend the capability of its silicon photonics platform ‘iSiPP’ with validated interfaces for hybrid laser integration, accelerating the adoption of silicon photonics at scale. You will find imec at booth #5205.

OFC is the leading international event for the latest advances in optical communications and networking. From research to marketplace, from components to systems and networks, OFC features the industry’s most innovative companies showcasing optical innovations, products, technology, and research enabling communications networks globally.

For more information please contact:

Anders Storm, CEO

Tel: +46 70 262 6390

E-mail: [email protected]

Sivers Semiconductors AB is a leading and internationally recognized technology company that supplies ICs and integrated modules through its two business areas Wireless and Photonics. Wireless develops mmWave products for advanced 5G systems for data and telecommunications networks and satellite communication. The portfolio includes RF transceivers, beamforming front end ICs, integrated mmwave antennas, repeaters, and software algorithms for optimum mmWave RF performance. Photonics develops and manufactures semiconductor based optical products for optical fiber networks, sensors and optical fiber communications (Li-Fi). The company is listed on Nasdaq Stockholm under SIVE. The head office is located in Kista, Sweden. For more information:                    

Ayar Labs is using light to disrupt traditional compute power and performance curves, enabling the next design breakthroughs for trillions of AI connections, disaggregated data centers, 6G, phased array sensory systems and more. Ayar Labs’ patented approach uses silicon photonics techniques to replace traditional electrical-based I/O with high speed, highly efficient optical interconnect chiplets and multi-wavelength lasers. The company was founded in 2015 and is funded by a number of domestic and international venture capital as well as strategic investors such as GlobalFoundries, Hewlett Packard Pathfinder, Intel Capital, Lockheed Martin Ventures and NVIDIA. For more information, visit

CW-WDM MSA The CW-WDM MSA (Continuous-Wave Wavelength Division Multiplexing Multi-Source Agreement) was formed to standardize WDM CW sources in O-band for emerging advanced integrated optics applications that are expected to move to 8, 16, and 32 wavelengths. Such higher wavelength counts are needed for emerging applications such as AI, HPC, and high-density optics, and enable a leap in performance, efficiency, cost, and bandwidth scaling compared with other technologies. For more information about the CW-WDM MSA, please visit

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