Sivers IMA today announced that Inxpect, the developer of the first radar-based intelligent motion sensing platform for the industrial safety, smart home and security markets, has selected Sivers IMA as the partner for some of their upcoming products. Under the agreement Sivers IMA will enhance and customize its FMCW radar technology allowing Inxpect to leapfrog current performance and cost benchmarks.

“Commercially available motion sensing technologies, such as laser, Doppler radar, infrared and video are fraught with technical problems that limit their applications. They are either expensive and power-hungry, or inaccurate and unable to perform basic detection tasks like distinguishing a person from a pet. We see great potential in advanced radar technology and believe it will have a significant impact on the market in the years to come. We look forward to working with Sivers IMA to fulfill this need”, says Luca Salgarelli, CEO of Inxpect.

“This design win is very encouraging to us and an opportunity to go after a big market. Our technical expertise and experience can be put to use in helping develop a solution characterized by high resolution, low power consumption and compact format for harsh environments. We are also capable of supplying the volumes needed as this market takes off”, says Robert Ekström, CEO of Sivers IMA.

This is Sivers IMA

Sivers IMA is a leading manufacturer of micro- and millimeter wave products for connecting and quantifying a networked world. Sivers IMA has a long history and is internationally renown as a reliable supplier of high quality components used in telecommunications links, RADAR sensors and test & measurement equipment. Headquarters is located north of Stockholm in Kista, Sweden. Learn more at

This is Inxpect

Inxpect Srl, based in Brescia – Italy, engineers and manufactures high performance, radar-based intelligent motion sensing technology that leapfrogs current performance and cost benchmarks for the smart home, industrial safety and professional security markets. For more information:

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