Kista, Sweden – February 18, 2020 Sivers IMA Holding AB (Nasdaq First North Growth Market: SIVE) today announces the launch of the new state-of-art 5G mmWave Dual Quad Beamformer IC’s (BFIC) to be used in several 5G applications. These BFIC’s are the result of a joint development project between Ampleon Netherlands B.V (Ampleon) and Sivers IMA. The high-performing BFIC’s support Time Division Duplex (TDD) and cover the 5G-NR n257 and n258 bands, from 24.25 – 29.5 GHz.

This project started together with Ampleon at the end of 2018 and first prototypes are soon available for customer sampling. The BFIC meets state-of-art performance targets, which have been set in close cooperation with Ampleon and their Tier 1 customers.

The Dual Quad BFIC includes two quad antenna connections, each with RX/TX channels and including integrated RX/TX RF switches. The solution supports both horizontal and vertical polarization MIMO and has unique digital features to allow an easy adoption.

”With the exceptional combination of power efficiency, output power and linearity this new Dual Quad BFIC is suitable for larger active antenna arrays supporting base station application as well as Open RAN solutions. This unique BFIC places Sivers IMA and Ampleon as leaders in the mmWave BFIC market. This BFIC meets Tier 1 customers’ increasing needs of high output power with great linearity and power efficiency that is needed for deployment of next generation mmWave Gbit speed 5G NR networks.” says Anders Storm, CEO of Sivers IMA.

The uniquely strong combination of high output power, superior power efficiency and excellent signal quality makes it possible for customers to differentiate their products on the highly competitive 5G mmWave market and the factory calibration minimizes any Over-the-Air (OTA) calibration measurements on system level.

The Dual Quad BFIC, AFEVM2Q275/295, will be available for sample distribution in Q2, 2020.

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