In outdoor live testing Sivers IMA together with Blu Wireless has managed to show speeds of over 1 Gbps over a distance exceeding 700 meters using their combined unlicensed 5G Technology in the license free 60 GHz band. 

In outdoor live testing Sivers IMA together with Blu Wireless has managed to show speeds of over 1 Gbps over a distance exceeding 700 meters using their combined unlicensed 5G Technology in the license free 60 GHz band. 

This industry-leading performance can be an important differentiator for equipment vendors and was achieved by integrating the award-winning RF technology from Sivers IMA with the leading-edge baseband technology from Blu Wireless. 

Data-dependent industry applications which had previously been perceived as technically impossible can now be leveraged. This will enable network operators and service providers to innovate within their markets with 5G, taking full advantage of the unlicensed band. 

Anders Storm, CEO of Sivers IMA, said: “We are breaking new ground by using the latest spectrum released in the USA and UK and we can now offer gigabit traffic with long reach alongside our partners Blu Wireless. This is a fantastic achievement by our technical teams and opens up opportunities for many new applications and use cases for this type of the technology.”

Henry Nurser, CEO of Blu Wireless, added: “It has been really satisfactory to reap the rewards of our long-standing collaboration with Sivers IMA. To be able to demonstrate a working solution in the field with such impressive performance levels is hugely significant. Ultimately, it serves as proof that the combination of our technologies has the power to deliver transformative innovation in multiple industries. This is an unprecedented step for connectivity.”

The combined solution of the Sivers IMA TRX BF01 Transceiver RF IC and the HYDRA baseband platform from Blu Wireless provide the first and only unlicensed 5G solution to offer full coverage of the 57 – 71 GHz band. This allows network operators and other service providers to fully exploit the license-free band. The industry-leading performance translates into industry-leading system performance and an important differentiator for equipment vendors.

Sivers IMA and Blu Wireless will run live demonstrations in hall 5 at stand 5E81 at the Mobile World Congress between February 25th– 28th, 2019.

More on the 51 -71 GHz band: 

The 60 GHz band (57 – 64 GHz) has long been recognized as ideal for dense urban data networks because of its large capacity combined with its excellent spectrum reuse due to oxygen absorption. The use of phased array antenna technology enables novel mesh network architectures and significantly reduces the size and cost of equipment compared to conventional fixed antenna technology, but it has also been known to reduce range for some applications. 

With the addition of the 64 – 71 GHz license free spectrum and the unique joint technology it is now possible to reach much longer also with the phased array antenna technology. This will open up for new ways of using unlicensed 5G technology, not only for longer links used for Fixed Wireless Access (FWA), but also for the transportation sector and other verticals.

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Anders Storm, CEO 
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Sivers IMA Holding AB is a leading and internationally renowned supplier, publicly traded under SIVE at Nasdaq First North Stockholm. The wholly owned subsidiaries Sivers IMA and CST Global develop, manufacture and sell cutting-edge chips, components, modules and subsystems based on proprietary advanced semiconductor technology in microwave, millimeter wave and optical semiconductors. Headquarters in Stockholm, Sweden. Learn more at

Blu Wirelessis disrupting the market with wireless technology of fibre level performance that is economically smart and reliable. With a strong history in IEEE 802.11ad (WiGig) but identifying a gap in infrastructure markets, Blu Wireless also provides 5G solutions benefitting from the copious unlicensed spectrum in the millimetre wave (mmWave) band. 

Delivering its intelligent System IP to licensees is at its core, but with expertise in everything from IC design to product hardware, signal processing to network software Blu Wireless has much more to offer. The Blu Wireless team have engineered a managed approach to the technical challenges faced in mmWave carrier-grade applications including interference mitigation and co-existence. 

Trusted partner of the world’s biggest names in telecoms, Blu Wireless works together with their customers to provide complete design, testing, and validation, serving emerging markets in high-speed transport and fast broadband. 

Based in Bristol, reflecting the city’s friendly atmosphere and engineering heritage, Blu Wireless has become a leading vendor in mmWave communications. Now with a team of over ninety employees and a newly opened office in India, Blu Wireless is enabling a new era of gigabit connectivity for everyone.

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