Sivers IMA announces that Gigasense AB, a well-known supplier within industrial crane safety, recently launched a new generation of anti-collision system for track bound cranes. The product has been implemented with several end customers and in relation to this, Sivers IMA and Gigasense has signed an agreement covering the delivery of radar front ends to Gigasense.

“The technology from Sivers IMA is a perfect match to the requirements set by these types of applications in the harshest environmental conditions. As a result of the joint development work with the Gigasense team, this design win will now result in a successful release of an end customer product on the market”, says Robert Ekström, CEO of Sivers IMA

Gigasense recently introduced their new generation system, the Gigasense G2, an anti-collision solution to avoid accidents and protect people, property and production. The microwave technology from Sivers IMA is one of the pillars of this system to secure the right performance and quality in harsh conditions and the Gigasense G2 was specifically designed to operate in the toughest of conditions like in steel works, mines and harbors.

“During the development of Gigasense G2 we have cooperated and utilized the full capability of Sivers IMA’s expertise and experience within the microwave area. By doing so, we have created a unique solution with a perfect fit to our business. It feels very good to have established a long term agreement between us to secure deliveries and future cooperation around products and solutions from Sivers IMA” says Maria Mörnborg, CEO of Gigasense.

For questions, please contact:

Robert Ekström, CEO

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Sivers IMA is a leading manufacturer of micro- and millimeter wave products for connecting and quantifying a networked world. Sivers IMA has a long history and is internationally renown as a reliable supplier of high quality components used in telecommunications links, RADAR sensors and test & measurement equipment. Headquarters is located north of Stockholm in Kista, Sweden. Learn more at

Gigasense AB is a well-known actor within Crane Safety and Force Measurement. The company operates around the world through carefully selected local partners in the business areas. Since our foundation in 1951, our focus is on developing high-quality products for force measurement, overload protection and anti-collision in hoisting, bulk transport and line construction. On the Nordic market, Gigasense also works in the Lab Instruments and Material Testing business areas as a turnkey supplier and expert in destructive testing equipment. We are ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 -certified. 

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