Anders Storm, CEO of Sivers Semiconductors, was today named Presenter of the Year by Financial Hearings in the Micro Cap category.

“When you talk about Micro Cap Presentations – You normally need to be a good Storyteller, as you normally meet an audience with no or small expectations to start with. In this area Anders Storm and Sivers Semiconductors is a great example on how you could warm up your audience and get them interested with inter activeness on all questions in different channels,” comments Financial Hearings.

Financial Hearings has been an organizer of financial presentations for the capital market for 28 years. Financial Hearings Award aims to stimulate the very important art of presentation, which is one of the most important roles of modern leadership.

“It is very encouraging that Sivers Semiconductors is being noticed in this way. 2020 has been a fantastic year as we have several new institutional owners and almost five times the number of private investors in the company. We have been active on many platforms, including social media, and look forward to continuing to interact transparently with everyone who is interested in Sivers Semiconductors,” said Anders Storm.