PIC International Conference

9 – 10 November 2021 | Brussels, Belgium
We’re thrilled to be heading back to the PIC International conference, presenting and exhibiting during the conference taking place in Brussels, Belgium on 9-10 November 2021.

The team look forward to meeting with you again at the PIC International Conference 2021. You will find us at our booth in the exhibition area , where we look forward to talking to you about our advanced capabilities in design and manufacturing of active III-V photonic devices.

Our CTO Andy McKee will also be presenting as part of the PIC Manufacturing − TAP, Co-Packaging & Fab conference. Details below:

PIC Manufacturing − TAP, Co-Packaging & Fab: Indium Phosphide light sources for Silicon Photonics Integrated Circuits

The recent advances of Silicon Photonics Integrated Circuits (PICS) into various new markets (datacomms, sensing, AI, LIDAR etc.) has driven a strong demand for indium phosphide (InP) laser sources. Sivers Photonics is well positioned to support this growing Silicon Photonics eco-system by designing and manufacturing highly customised InP laser devices which are well-suited to hybrid integration through automated passive flip-chip assembly processes. The presentation will discuss the key details of Sivers Photonics InP100 manufacturing platform and how it supports the Silicon Photonics eco-system. It will cover the range of InP light sources, including DFB lasers and reflective semiconductor optical amplifiers (RSOAs), that can be manufactured. The presentation will also cover other key features of the platform, which has been developed to support high volume and low-cost applications.

We look forward to seeing to at PIC!

Read more about the conference here.