Optical Communications

Our devices for optic communications are a key component of data transmission and storage. The speed benefit of light-based solutions in these applications vastly outweighs the traditional, electronic conduction solutions they replace.

The optical communications market encompasses high-growth applications including:

Sivers Photonics has proven capability of uncooled, ridge waveguide, coarse wavelength division multiplexing (CWDM), DFB lasers, essential to hyper-scale, cloud data centres.

Successfully tested, this technology forms part of a low-cost solution with reduced power and increased reliability over existing, DWDM technology. High-capacity networks of this type, with greater transmission rates and a lower cost base, will also be essential to cloud services, video-on-demand and IoT markets.

Radio over fiber (ROF) transmission is emerging as a completely new and promising communication paradigm for delivering broadband wireless access services and fronthaul relying on the synergy between fixed optical and millimeter wave (mmWave) technologies. Our proven technology has now proven the feasibility of  60 GHz ROF transmission, as we look to combine efforts with our partner company Sivers Wireless,  to optimise a combined ROF, optical and mm wave solutions for future 5G networks.


Our InP100 approach helps drive optical communications applications, such as AI, requiring a single-chip, nanoscale solution, to meet volume, power, performance and cost demands.  This technology will help enable smaller and smarter autonomous technologies including drones and robotics.

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