International Microwave Symposium (IMS) Denver, Colorado, 19-24 June, 2022

Exhibition 21-23 June 2022 | Colorado Convention Center

Booths #12013 and #12014





Many visitors, good discussions and meetings !




We’re very happy to be back in person at IMS 2022!

Are you ready for business? We are!

With IMS 2022 fast approaching, why not get in touch with our team at Sivers Wireless and find out more about our world leading 5G mmWave technology and products. We´d love to meet and get the chance to explain and show you how we can help you enhance business and find new opportunities.

Schedule a meeting at [email protected] or drop by at stand #12013 and #12014.

Mr Mike Noonen, Sivers Wireless, will participate in the panel “Race to the Next G – Ride the mmWave or Wave Goodbye!”, Tuesday June 21 at 12:10pm.

We look forward to seeing you in Denver! 



Meet Us in booth #12013 and #12014!


When you visit us at IMS2022, you will be able to see several ground-breaking live demonstrations covering both 26,28,39 and 60 GHz solutions.

You will also be able to see examples of successful implementations in commercial products.

Several demos will also include configurations with partners like Airvine, Kreemo and Rhode&Schwartz and you will be able to see them both in the Sivers bo

SUMMIT2629 and SUMMIT3741

The SUMMIT family offers eight-channel RF front ends for 28 GHz and 39 GHz, 5G phased array antenna systems fabricated in RF-SOI. The SUMMIT products bring value to our customers by means of:

  • Extending the link range to decrease infrastructure costs and improve customer satisfaction.
  • Reducing power consumption and thermal dissipation.
  • Reducing antenna array complexity and overall RF front-end cost.

The SUMMIT products will be live demonstrated both in the Sivers booth as well as with Richardson RFPD (booth #4090).

TRB02801 and TRB03901/BFM02801 and BFM03901

TRB02801/TRB03901 is a family of 32 channel beam forming transceiver Radio Frequency Integrated Circuits (RFICs) including both up-and down-conversion as well as a built in synthesizer/PLL. With support for both Zero-IF and IF baseband interface, it is easily integrated in to your product with any 5G mmWave modem or Sub-6 GHz FR1 transceiver. The BFM02801 and BFM03901 is the active antenna module based on the TRB RFICs.

39 GHz Antenna-in-Package (AiP)

With state-of-the art integration of the SUMMIT beamformer ICs with a unique antenna building practice, Sivers can now offer a 39 GHz antenna in package solution, which will remove the system integration headache when implementing 39 GHz into your products. By taking care of the complex RF routing and matching issues in the module, Sivers enables a more rapid and straight forward implementation of 39 GHz functionality. The 39 GHz AiP product will be demonstrated at the Rhode Schwartz booth #7056.


Sivers Wireless offers a complete, value adding 5G NR FR2 RF portfolio, suitable for any configurations from the biggest antenna arrays with high requirements on output power down to the smallest CPE configurations or the solutions for indoor coverage or hot spots. On top of that, Sivers also offer the RF products for the unlicensed 60 GHz band, already now ready to be used in 5G NR-U applications, and RFICs for the SatCom space, where performance and efficiency is key. Sivers also adds value to our customers by providing software algorithms that can be run on a customer’s baseband unit to further boost the RF performance of your product.

  • Improved output power and power efficiency bring our beam former products to a pole position on the market.
  • Separate Up & Down converter ICs complementing the beam former IC for bigger array configurations.
  • True antenna-in-package solution for 39 GHz, minimizing technical risks and complexity in system design.em design.

Sivers works closely with several leading companies within the millimeter wave eco system and we have joint demos
and exposure with some of them at IMS2022.

Airvine – the WaveTunnel TM

Airvine recently announced the availability of their innovative WaveTunnel product, which is based on the Sivers TRXBF/01 RFIC for superior performance in the 60 GHz band. At IMS2022, you will be able to see this product running live traffic at the Sivers booth.

Kreemo – redefining wireless connectivity

Kreemo has integrated the Sivers beamformer ICs with their innovative antenna solutions, exemplified by the Antenna on Display (AoD) e.g. for handset implementations and stackable antenna solutions for 360 degree coverage of 5G FR2 radios. These solutions will be showed and shared at both the Sivers and the Kreemo booths at IMS2022.

Adtran/CCS – providing the industry’s first self-organizing, self-optimizing and self-healing (SON) products for 60 GHz FWA

Come and have a look at the products based on Sivers BFM06010 and developed by CCS/Adtran for 60 GHz FWA. This product is one of the very few complying to the RDOF requirements aimed for bringing broadband connectivity also to the rural areas of the US.

Tachyon Networks – Affordable 60 GHz PTP & PTMP Fixed Wireless Solutions

Tachyon Networks offer a truly cost-effective product benefitting from the unique features enabled by the Sivers RF module, the BFM06009. With its flexibility, performance and robustness, it is a very good choice for FWA applications. Visit our stand and see for yourself.

You can also find our products demonstrated at the following partner booths:

Rhode & Schwartz: Booth #7056. Demonstrating Sivers unique beamforming Antenna in Package (AiP) for 37-41 GHz applications

Kreemo: Booth #9091. Live demonstration of unique mmWave antenna solutions like Antenna in Display (AiD) and the world’s first beamforming mmWave antenna with 360 degree coverage…with Sivers inside!

Richardson RFPD: Booth #4090. Demonstrating the SUMMIT family of beam formers

Explore the peaks of microwave engineering!

Welcome to IMS2022 in Denver, Colorado.  We are very excited about IMS coming to Denver for many reasons.  We are planning a live show, a robust technical program, great social opportunities and Denver is a wonderful place.  Several new innovations have been put into place that will make it easier and more beneficial for industry presenters to participate and to tie their work to their exhibits.  This will be a great chance to re-establish connections and make new ones. Come explore the peaks of microwave engineering!

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Sivers Semiconductors – at the heart of innovation 

The proliferation of wireless devices – and the congestion on current frequency bands – drive data and telecoms companies to find solutions that can reliably exploit higher frequencies, increasing speed, power, and reliability. Sivers is a leading innovator of mmWave semiconductor and antenna technologies that meet – and exceed – these needs.

Sivers Wireless 5G mmWave products are used in a wide range of applications where high data rates and electronic beamforming are required, driving technical evolution and transforming business. From individual RFICs to ready-to-go modules, our components give your products a technical edge, while our evaluation kits take the guesswork out of development.