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MicroNät 6XG – Fixed Wireless Access network in northern Sweden

Swedish Internet Service Provider (ISP) MicroNät has built one of the world’s fastest Fixed Wireless Access (FWA) networks, delivering wireless broadband services under the brand 6XG at speeds of up to 1000 Mbps to enterprises and residential buildings across small towns of northern Sweden.



The northern town of Örnsköldsvik was the first in Sweden where the 6XG network was deployed (watch video below). MicroNät has since expanded the network to more towns across northern Sweden.


Video: MicroNät video of 6XG based on CCS Metnet 60G


The MicroNät 6XG network is deployed by connecting chosen locations to optical fiber and, from there, MicroNät delivers the so called last-mile connections via a wireless mesh network.

The Mesh network consists of several transmitters talking to each other. If a transmitter loses its fiber connection, the signal automatically takes a new path through the mesh network, ensuring reliable and stable gigabit-speed connectivity.



The mesh network has been deployed using mmWave (60GHz) Mesh Nodes and CPE’s from CCS (Metnet 60G) with Sivers Semiconductors BFM06010 for unlicensed 5G (57-71 GHz) inside.





SiversInside – BFM06010





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