Uncompressed Real-Time Data

Millimeter-wave technology opens up new opportunities for transporting uncompressed real-time data. High-speed connectivity allows for cost-efficient multi-gigabit transmission, free from cables and connectors.


Uncompressed Real-Time Data

The transfer of uncompressed high definition video, essential in medical or industrial applications, requires a bandwidth of more than 3 Gbps. Until now, this kind of speed has been limited to fiber. With access to the millimeter-wave 60 Ghz band, it’s now possible to provide a cost effective wireless alternative.

The Challenges


Maintaining a good wireless connection on millimeter-wave frequencies requires a combination of electronic beamforming and stable high throughput. Our 60 GHz RFICs and modules cater for both aspects, with superior ‘on-chip’ synthesizer and integrated beamformer, supporting speeds up to 7 Gbps.

The Benefits

Unmatched flexibility

Electronic beamforming capability helps to remove the hassle of cables and connectors.

Handle more data

State of the art synthesizer performance and the full 2 GHz channel increase connection speed up to 7 Gbps.

Quality & Reliability

Robust design, high level of integration, & market leading performance. Our mmWave experience is the key to high quality and robust operations.

Relevant Products


For multi-gigabit connectivity, Sivers semiconductors has developed a highly integrated RFIC with superior performance and functionality. With high output power, high throughput, and support for electronic beamforming, the TRXBF01 has 16 transmit and receive channels, with great performance across the 6 channels in the 57 to 71 GHz range, ideal for those who want to develop their own antenna solution.


Phased array patch antenna

For those who do not have the time, resources or capability to develop their own antennas, Sivers Semiconductors offers a phased array patch antenna with a unique coverage from 57 to 71 GHz. It can support electronic beamforming both in azimuth and in elevation and can also enable high throughput at maximum allowed transmitted power (+40 dBm).


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