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CCS Metnet 60G – Fixed Wireless Access and Small Cell networks delivering gigabit broadband connectivity in cities and rural regions


Cambridge Communication Systems (CCS) is the creator of Metnet – the world’s first self-organizing mmWave mesh for gigabit mobile backhaul and fixed wireless access (FWA) applications.

The CCS Metnet 60G technology enables operators and service providers to rapidly deliver Gigabit services to residential and enterprise customers – from bustling urban centers to remote rural villages. Metnet 60G consists of 12Gbps nodes with an all-round multi-radio view plus 1Gbps Metnet CPEs, which connect autonomously and intelligently, forming a flexible mesh network powered by CCS’s advanced self-organizing and self-healing software-defined networking (SDN) software.



The CCS Metnet 60G is integrated with Sivers Semiconductors’ mmWave radio/antenna solution (BFM 06010) for the 57-71 GHz frequency range, and is a great example of successful ecosystem collaboration:



SiversInside – BFM06010


CCS Metnet 60G is an ultra-high capacity mmWave mesh system for unlicensed 5G, delivering an unrivalled hybrid backhaul and gigabit FWA solution.

It reduces time to market for operators and service providers and help them build hybrid fiber-wireless networks, delivering low overall network total cost of ownership. Thanks to a sales and manufacturing agreement with ADTRAN, it is possible to quickly scale up deployment to meet increasing market demand from service providers globally.





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