Product Launch Webinar

Launch of the new highly integrated, state-of- the-art 5G NR Radio Frequency Integrated Circuits (RFICs), TRB02801 and TRB03901, together with market leading antenna modules, BFM02801 and BFM03901, covering all licensed 5G mmWave bands.

Join us on the on-demand Product Launch Webinar as Patric Erlandsson, VP Sales & Marketing Wireless, explains the uniqueness of these new products setting the scene for 5G NR and shorten the time to market, improve product quality and enable true product differentiation.

mmWave Massive MIMO Webinar

The potential with mmWave Massive MIMO

Our Presales Engineer Ajay Bhoolokam talks about mmWaves, it’s applications and challenges of 5G enhanced mobile broadband. He also discusses beamforming and massive MIMO, and presents Sivers Semiconductors’ BFIC AFEVM2Q275/295 helping you realize the potential of mmWave Massive MIMO.


related product afevm2Q 275/295

Product Launch Webinar BFM06009

Differentiate your 60 GHz Fixed Wireless Access Product with our new state-of-the-art 2D Beamforming RF-Module BFM06009 for FWA covering the full 14 GHz of bandwith (57-71 Ghz) with beam steering in both azimuth and elevation.

Join us on the on-demand Product Launch Webinar as Patric Erlandsson VP Sales & Marketing explains the uniqueness of the BFM06009 and how this module enable FWA product deployments in the most diverse applications with the lowest total cost of ownership.

5G mmWave Webinar Series

In our new 5G mmWave webinar series we will share our insights and experience within the use of 5G mmWave technology in various use cases and scenarios.

60 GHz Unlicensed 5G

Presented by Anders Storm, CEO

At our first webinar, Anders Storm outlines the use of the 57-71 GHz band for unlicensed 5G services, different use cases and the value Sivers Semiconductor´s 5G mmWave technology gives as a cost effective broadband access technology.

Open RAN Phased Antenna Array Module (ORAN PAAM) Design

Presented by Mats Carlsson, CTO,

At our second webinar, Mats Carlsson will give an introduction to Open RAN and present how different architectural choices will impact system performance and cost.

Fixed Wireless Access (FWA), Licensed or Unlicensed 5G

Presented by Patric Erlandsson, VP Sales & Marketing

At this webinar, Patric Erlandsson covers the use of licensed vs. unlicensed 5G mmWave technology for FWA and how Sivers Semiconductors can enable a state-of-the art solution for 5G mmWave customer-premises equipment (CPE).