Sivers Semiconductors Group CEO Anders Storm participated at Redeye Growth Day 2021 at Stream 1. Anders gave an introduction to Sivers Semiconductors followed by a Q&A session.

REDEYE about “Redeye Growth Day 2021”

” For the fifth consecutive year, we are arranging the Redeye Growth Day!

For the fifth year straight, we are hosting our largest investor event: Redeye Growth Day. This year’s rendition is fully digital and includes over 70 Nordic growth companies in the Tech and Life Science sectors; an excellent opportunity to generate new investment ideas and help you find your next case. There will be four separate live streams during Growth Day. On stream 1, you’ll find Redeye TV, a format with mixed content. We’ll discuss investment cases, the IPO market and interview fund managers, among other things.

Stream 2-4 consist of company presentations, followed by Q&A sessions moderated by our analysts. Online viewers can ask questions directly to the companies during the live broadcast. Redeye analysts lead the Q&A. “