Sivers IMA announces a 5G millimeter wave partnership with a North American leading global provider of wireless broadband solutions. The partnership is focused on the development and early access to 5G millimeter wave (mmWave) RF components, where the highly-integrated RF solution from Sivers IMA will be a key component in the partner’s plans to provide leading millimeter wave products to the emergent 5G millimeter wave market.

“This partnership is yet another key stepping stone for Sivers IMA in entering the 5G millimeter wave market. By adding an innovative and forward looking wireless product company to the already established 5G partnerships with Fujikura and Ampleon we gather further strength and insights to this unique group of companies working together towards world class solutions in this area. We are very pleased that this company has chosen to cooperate with Sivers IMA around this exciting technology and again it confirms that our mmWave solutions are cutting edge”

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