What type of devices do Sivers Photonics design and manufacture? scroll-down-arrow copy
Sivers Photonics manufactures a very broad range of active photonic devices including lasers, VCSELs, SOAs, RSOAs, modulators, LEDs, and photodetectors. We are fabricating devices on Indium Phosphide (InP), Gallium Arsenide (GaAs), Gallium Antimonide (GaSb) and Gallium Nitride (GaN) substrates – ie all III-V compound substrates. The majority of devices fabricated within our fab are customised.
Does Sivers Photonics process silicon photonics chips? scroll-down-arrow copy
No, Sivers Photonics doesn’t process silicon wafers. However, many of the devices that we fabricate are then integrated into SiPh circuits, such as DFB lasers and Reflective SOAs. We have specific process architectures which facilitate the integration of these devices into SiPh. In essence, we are a key part of the overall silicon photonics eco-system.
What type of applications and markets do Sivers Photonics chips support? scroll-down-arrow copy
Sivers Photonics fabricate devices today that are used in various markets but specifically in these areas: fibre-optic communications, optical sensing, wireless optical communications.
What wafer sizes do Sivers Photonics process? scroll-down-arrow copy
Sivers Photonics processes up to 100mm / 4" wafers.
No, Sivers Photonics does not run MPWs. Our customers have dedicated wafers for their device requirements.
Sivers Photonics is working towards having PDK access to its manufacturing platforms. Currently, access to its manufacturing platforms is managed by dedicated customer technical contacts.
Sivers Photonics has the capacity to process around 10,000 wafers per year in our existing fab.
Typically, it takes around 12-14 weeks o process a wafer.
No, Sivers Photonics can support all your design requirements with our experienced design team. We can take a target device specification and turn this into a design and then manufactured device.
Yes. The strategy at Sivers Photonics is to support our customers from low-volume prototype devices through to HVM (High Volume Manufacture).
Sivers Photonics can ship options from fully processed and tested wafers through to chip-on-submount. Our most common output format is known-good-die-on-tape (KGDoT). Ie fully optically tested and inspected chips on ring-frames.
Sivers Photonics has in-house capability to perform the following tests: ALT, HTOL, damp-heat. This allows us to perform full qualification of our devices to various industry standards eg Telcordia GR-468.