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Track & Train modules provide high-speed rail connectivity


At the end of 2019, Sivers Semiconductors signed an agreement with UK partner Blu Wireless for the delivery of radio frequency (RF) modules for unlicensed 5G mmWave wireless communication markets such as 5G Backhaul, Smart Cities and High-Speed Transport.



Railway operators have long sought to improve their Wi-Fi quality but have faced major technical and cost challenges to deliver reliable Gbps broadband to their customers. By combining the unique capabilities of Sivers Semiconductors’ 5G mmWave RF module and Blu Wireless’ total system development capability, Blu Wireless developed an easy to deploy track-to-train solution to address this high-speed connectivity problem.

Using lightweight, high performance trackside equipment, Blu Wireless enables railway operators to build multi-gigabit 5G mmWave networks. The setup is fast and non-intrusive, connecting small-scale trackside access points to train roof receivers which, in turn, are connected to Wi-Fi access points in the train. This track-to-train solution delivers stable and fast Wi-Fi connectivity to passengers, even at vehicle speeds exceeding 200 km/h.

The Track & Train modules are based on Sivers Semiconductors RF module BFM06010 including TRXBF01, the market-leading RFIC (RF Integrated Circuit) covering the full 57-71 GHz frequency range for unlicensed 5G. The first deployments of Blu Wireless’ track-to-train solution were made in 2020 with British Evo rail (part of FirstGroup plc).



SiversInside –  RF module BFM06010 including RFIC TRXBF01






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 Case study on the Isle of Wight deployment: https://www.bluwireless.com/insight/setting-a-new-benchmark-for-passenger-connectivity-with-5g-mmwave-technology/




Press release: Sivers IMA signs supply agreement with Blu Wireless (Nov 2019)

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