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AutoAir Project – 5G Testbed for Connected and Autonomous Vehicles


Sivers Semiconductors is justifiably proud to be at the heart of innovation: our RF (Radio Frequency) module BFM06010 for unlicensed 5G, combining the RFIC (Radio Frequency Integrated Circuit) TRXBF01 with innovative antenna design, is used in Blu Wireless’ network equipment in the award-winning AutoAir project, deploying a 60 GHz mmWave mesh network and the world’s first 70 GHz mmWave network for high-speed transport communications. Sivers Semiconductors is currently the only chipset manufacturer to support the full 57-71 GHz frequency range.




AutoAir is a UK government-funded testbed that was set up to explore 5G use cases for Connected and Autonomous Vehicles and V2X (vehicle-to-everything) connectivity at high speeds.

The AutoAir project, hosted at the Millbrook Proving Ground in the UK, has according to The Engineer ”put the UK in pole position in the race to utilise 5G and data on the go. Sivers’ partner Blu Wireless successfully proved the feasibility of achieving ultra-fast connectivity with an average of over 1Gbps and up to 3 Gbps between vehicles travelling at speeds of up to 300 km/h through a 5G mmWave network, with 22 nodes installed around a 2-mile high-speed test track in Millbrook.

Blu Wireless’ 5G mmWave technology, with Sivers Semiconductors RF module BFM06010 inside, has been crucial to proving the viability of this use case thanks to the higher bandwidth capacity available at mmWave frequencies.



SiversInside –  RF Module BFM06010  including RFIC TRXBF01


The mmWave 5G V2X network in the AutoAir Project was completed in January 2019 and the technology was successfully proven in February the same year during a live demonstration featuring buses, cars, an ambulance and McLaren sports cars travelling at high speeds of up to 160mph. High data rates of over 1.5 Gbit/s were achieved. The demonstration also streamed live 4K video between vehicles and between vehicle and trackside as well as real-time image processing of sensor data – showing the potential impact of 5G mmWave on future journeys.

Blu Wireless’ technology is self-organized and software-controlled, meaning that it is designed to bend around any obstruction, enabling consistent commuter connections.

Doing this cost-effectively has previously been a challenge. However, with wireless 5G mmWave technology, expensive installation costs can be avoided, making it quick and easy.

The AutoAir project won the 2020 Collaborate To Innovate Awards (C2I 2020) in the category Information, Data & Connectivity. C2I is an annual search for the UK’s most inspiring examples of innovative engineering collaboration, arranged by The Engineer, a monthly magazine covering the latest innovations in engineering and technology in the UK and internationally.




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