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Can the EVK06002 provide LO output?

No. This is not possible in the standard configuration.

Why do I need the EVK06002?

To quickly and easy evaluate RF performance of the TRX BF01 transceiver together with the antenna.

What is included in the EVK06002 kit?

Python code for controlling the EVK. Power adaptor, USB cable, BFM6010 (radio module) and MB1 (mother board). User manual and 2 hour free support.

Is there a beam book available for EVK06002 and what is the size?

Yes, there is a beam book available and the size is 64 different beams.

Does the EVK06002 come with a graphical user interface?

Yes, where you can set all the registers.

What control interfaces are available and excess thru the EVK06002?

There is a USB, SPI and 2xGPIO connectors interfaces available for direct access to registers. All connector pinning are described in the EVK user manual.

Can we modify the EVK06002 to be used with an external x-tal?

Yes, instructions for modification can be found in the EVK user manual.

What kind of connectors are available on the EVK06002 for the analog base band signal?

There are 4 TX and 4 RX mcx female type of connectors.

What is the signal interface to the EVK06002?

It is differential analog base band, zero-IF, I/Q interface.

Can the EVK02001 use an external LO input?

No. This is not possible in the standard configuration.

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