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NOW ON DEMAND: Webinar - Anders Storm, CEO of Sivers Semiconductors, talks about the aquisition of MixComm

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Nyhetsbyrån Direkt in interview with Anders Storm, CEO of Sivers Semiconductors, about the aquisition of MIXCOMM and first Tier 1 customer.

NOW ON-DEMAND with subtitle in English! 

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Product Launch


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Sivers Semiconductors pushes ahead with even more 5G innovations

Launch of the new highly integrated, state-of-art 5G NR Radio Frequency Integrated Circuits (RFICs), together with market leading antenna modules, covering all licensed 5G mmWave bands.


New state-of-the-art 5G NR mmWave RFICs: TRB02801 and TRB03901

Market leading active antenna modules: BFM02801 and BFM03901




At the heart of innovation – the road to a Gigabit future

Sivers Semiconductors drives some of the world’s most extraordinary technological achievements and we’re justifiably proud of our reputation for quality, reliability, and speed.

We are at the heart of innovation of some of the coolest and most advanced communications and sensor solutions for gigabit wireless and optical networks.





Sivers Semiconductors is an integral part
of what makes our customers product work

CCS Metnet 60G integrated with Sivers Semiconductors 60 GHz mmWave radio/antenna solution

After an extensive search, we concluded that Sivers Semiconductors offered truly unique capabilities and performance that we could integrate within our hardware platform and utilise to deliver a differentiated solution – offering highest capacity per node, use of all six channels in the 57-71 GHz band, and best range performance.

Martin Harriman Executive Chairman, CCS
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Our Products

Whether wireless or photonics, Sivers Semiconductors technologies all share our passion for perfection – precision engineering where you need it most.

Sivers Photonics

Sivers Photonics

Silicon photonics devices successfully integrate compound semiconductor laser devices with silicon chip technology.

Sivers Wireless

Sivers Wireless

Our wireless solutions define the benchmark for speed and reliability, providing the optimum balance between form factor, power, and durability.

Sivers Semiconductors in Action

Our products are the building blocks for technical innovation, empowering companies to offer faster, more reliable services than ever. See how Sivers Semiconductors helps redefine what’s possible, around the world.

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