Consortium Projects

FirstTo6G, a HORIZON Europe consortium project,  assembles European SMEs and leading universities to develop the globally first 6G TRx technology, i.e., data converters and corresponding sub-THz frontends, which fulfils the extreme requirements for making 6G a widespread reality. These requirements include extremely wide modulation bandwidth at high signal quality, high energy efficiency, and low cost.

Sivers Wireless is responsible for the below-100-GHz frontend design, and in addition, Sivers will also co-design a wideband off-chip antenna with the frontend as part of the consortium.


PARALIA, a new ambitious EU HORIZON Research and Innovation Actions Project, will enable an agile, low-cost, and energy-efficient multi-sensor combining RADAR and LiDAR technologies and will re-architect the sensors ecosystem, upgrading their capabilities and enabling ultra-high resolution at ultra-long distances crucial for current and futuristic automotive and aerospace applications.

Sivers Wireless will drive the specification, design, and characterization of a two-dimensional beamforming 77-GHz automotive radar front-end that can be integrated with the common LIDAR/RADAR platform in the project. The 64-channel radar front-end design will leverage the extensive mmWave RFIC and antenna design experience from the 5G wireless field in the company.