Today Sivers IMA (Nasdaq First North: SIVE) announces that they, together with Uppsala University, has been granted a total contribution of 4 MSEK from “Smartare Elektroniksystem Forsknings- och innovationsprojekt 2018”. The project will be led by Sivers IMA and it will be executed together with the Institution for Technical Science at “Ångströmslaboratoriet” at Uppsala University. 

The objective with this project is to develop a 5G mmWave RFIC including an integrated antenna in the RFIC package. This implementation can be very cost efficient when used in Customer Premises Equipment (CPE) applications for gigabit wireless broadband or for indoor coverage through Hot Spots. The application has been evaluated by a jury consisting of 14 independent national experts. The possibility to commercialize the project outcome has been one important part of the basis of the evaluation done by Smartare Elektroniksystem and in this specific case they see a solid potential for the intended products.

“Yet again has Vinnova given us their confidence in developing a unique product, this time to support future high speed 5G telecommunication networks. 5G will be a key component in all future telecommunication networks, which was confirmed by the Prime Ministers of the Nordic countries last week, where they agreed to a new, deeper cooperation around 5 G development with the ambition that the Nordic region should be at the forefront. With this contribution from Vinnova together with our own investment within 5G, we can now contribute to this vision.”, says Anders Storm, CEO of Sivers IMA.

With this product, Sivers IMA will be able to offer a very small and cost effective 5G chip, including an antenna integrated into the package of the chip. As far as we know today, there is nothing similar on the market for mm wave 5G.

“We are very pleased to continue our cooperation with Sivers Ima. We are grateful that Vinnova supports the long-term collaboration between industry and university, having already resulted in an excellent experience of delivering a successful technology at 60 GHz. We have again the opportunity to embark on the development of a new communication system supporting the 5G bands at 24-28 GHz and to ensure that it is competitive and world class.” Says Dragos Dancila, Associate Professor in Microwave Technology at Uppsala University and project leader for the antenna part.

“The Ångström Laboratory at Uppsala University has an advanced antenna chamber for acoustic and radio frequency measurements, which will help achieve our highest goals and creates large opportunities for collaboration.” Says Anders Rydberg, Professor of Microwave Technology at Uppsala University.

This will be the second development project within the last 2 years, that will be funded by Vinnova and this time the total sum is 4 million Swedish kronor, where 3 million will go to Sivers IMA and 1 million will go to Uppsala University. The previous project has been concluded and provided a WiGig chip with a world class antenna together with a research paper presented at EuCAP and one paper to be presented at the IEEE RFIC Symposium in June this year.

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