Sivers Semiconductors AB ("Sivers") announces that the main shareholder Rothesay Limited acquires 2,700,000 shares from Harish Krishnaswamy, member of the company’s management team and Managing Director (MD) of Sivers Wireless. Harish, who was the co-founder and former CTO of MixComm, has sold shares to pay taxes incurred in connection with the sale of MixComm to Sivers.

After the sale Harish Krishnaswamy owns 7,663,371 shares in Sivers, equivalent to 3,58% or the capital and 3,60% of the votes.

The sale was made to pay tax for the 2021 tax year that arose in connection with the sale of MixComm to Sivers. My remaining holding in Sivers remains my largest private financial investment by far and I have strong faith in Sivers’ future,” said Harish Krishnaswamy, MD of Sivers Wireless.

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