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Save on RF design time for your 60 GHz and 5G mmWave beamforming access products, with Sivers Semiconductors integrated RF modules.


Our RF modules give unmatched power, performance, and throughput. Their integrated antenna reduces time-to-market, giving you a competitive edge.



Tested and pre-tuned wireless chipsets simplify development and reduce time to market.


Uniquely wide spectrum, coverage, superior link budget, flexible channelization.


Capable of operating in a temperature range of -40° C to +85° C – ideal for outdoor installation.



Combining the market-leading performance of the TRXBF01 RFIC with innovative antenna design and covering the full 14 GHz of Bandwith (57-71 GHz),  you get the flexibility and performance required for large deployments of 60 GHz FWA networks, in the most diverse applications, with the lowest total cost of ownership.

Technical Specifications

  • Transmitted power of +40 dBm
  • 90-degree beam steering possibilities horizontally in one single module

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Evaluation kit EVK06002 



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To help you to meet the requirements of large scale manufacturing of Fixed Wireless Access (FWA) products without sacrificing your competitive performance, Sivers Semiconductors presents a new, innovative RF Module covering the full 14 GHz of bandwidth (57-71 GHz) with beam steering in both azimuth and elevation.

Technical Specifications

  • Full 14 GHz of bandwidth (57-71 GHz)
  • Beam steering, both azimuth and elevation

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Evaluation kit EVK06002 


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BFM02801 and BFM03901

By combining the unmatched performance of the RFICs with innovative antenna module design, you get the best possible performance required for large deployments of your licensed 5G mmWave networks.By means of autonomous calibration routines and simple baseband interfaces you minimize the time and complexity in your design.

With a fully integrated RF module the RF design of your product will be very small, which will minimize the total cost of ownership of your products.


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ECLISPE3741™ 39 GHz Dual Polarization Phased Array Antenna Module

The 1st Antenna in Package for 5G mmWave infrastructure is here. Enjoy our 39 GHz dual polarization phased array antenna module.

The ECLIPSE 3741™ is a highly integrated 5G beam-former phased array Antenna in Package (AiP) module. Covering FR2 band n260 from 37.0 to 41.0 GHz, it offers exceptionally high linear output power, efficiency, and extreme integration. This AiP module has been designed to enable λ/2 lattice spacing when tiled together for higher EIRP applications. It has also been extensively optimized for heat management.

ECLIPSE3741™ is designed to address the challenges constraining 5G mmWave performance by;
• Easier implementation
• Lower cost
• Compact solution
• Higher data rate FR2 5G system


  • 37.0 GHz-41.0 GHz
  • Sixteen-element dual polarization phased array antenna module
  • +45 dBm EIRP @3% EVM for full BW 64-QAM OFDM
  • Full TX/RX TDD Beam forming RF chains
  • Ultra-low TX and RX power consumption
    • TX ON: 10.24W Both polarizations @3% EVM for full BW 64-QAM OFDM
    • RX ON: 640 mW per polarization
  • Independent dual polarization beam directions
  • Low-loss T/R switches for TDD applications
  • Phase shifting
    • 6-bit full 360o with 11.25 degrees step and 6’th bit for linearization
    • 5dB-step 15dB-range variable gain per path
  • 20 dB common gain control
  • Fully-calibrated for gain/phase matching channel-to-channel and chip-to-chip up to and including the antenna
  • On-chip
    • Temperature sensor
    • Power sensor for each TX path
  • 100 MHz SPI
  • 2048-entry on-chip beam table storage
  • 8-bit chip addressing supports 1020 element dual polarization arrays
  • Antenna in Package (AiP) BGA Module
    • 15mm x 15mm
    • 65mm BGA pitch
  • Operable temperature range -40° to +120°C case

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Frequently asked questions

What is the difference between BFM06010 and BFM06011?
Internal ref clk (BFM06011) and external ref clk (BFM06010).
What is the interface to the BFM06010 and BFM06011?
It is differential analog I/Q interface.
Can we connect an external LO to BFM06010 and BFM06011?

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