Channel Sales Partners


CNBEST Tech  is a well-known total
solution and one-stop supplier in
China in the intelligent sensing, accurate measurement, smart motion and force control, and cobot applications industries.
CNBEST Tech collaborates with about 50 global well-known partners who have been proven in the world market and are backed by CNBEST in China.

Doppler Electronics

Doppler Electronics focuses on providing
solutions in conceptualising, identifying, design and realisation of RF & Microwave, Associated Digital & Signal Processing hardware and software  needs of the customer.


GLOBES represents major domestic
and foreign suppliers from the USA,
Far East, Europe, and Israel to sell their RF, microwave, and electronic components as
well as super-components, subsystems, systems and instruments into Germany.
Austria and Switzerland, but also some other, mainly (East-) European, countries. GLOBES is set up to act as a representative, distributor and value added reseller.

Matrix Electronics

Mingjian Electronics focuses on the
terahertz millimeter wave field,
providing high-performance devices
and system solutions. Since its
establishment, the company has been
focusing on the import and export agency, application promotion of terahertz millimeter wave devices, as well as the integration of radio equipment solutions and related test systems.


Richardson RFPD, an Arrow Company,
is a specialized electronic component distributor providing design engineers
with deep technical expertise and localized global design support for the latest new products from the world’s leading suppliers of RF, Wireless, IoT and Power Technologies.


WeGoes is an respected expert in the distribution of electronic components. We distribute and represent innovative electronic components of over 22 partners in the world into Korea.

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